Point Spread on AFC and NFC East Games; Pats Dog Often

The Patriots have been favored in 78 straight games during the regular season. That’s right, the last time they were an underdog was September 20, 2015, at Buffalo.

But according to the the oddsmakers, New England will find itself an underdog more than once this year. 

Last week, SportsBetting released spreads for 100 games involving South division teams and their opponents (email me back if you missed them). This week, the AFC and NFC East is on deck.

The Pats are listed as underdogs in seven of their 16 games, including two at home against San Francisco and Baltimore. 

Dallas is favored in two historic rivalry games against the 49ers and Steelers. 

All odds are courtesy of SportsBetting

Search for your team below and if it’s not listed, spreads for two more divisions will be sent out next week so keep an eye out for that email. 

NFC East 

Cowboys at Ravens -7

Cowboys at Bengals +5.5

Cowboys at Rams -1

Cowboys at Vikings -2.5

Cowboys at Seahawks -3

Cowboys at Redskins +6

Cowboys at Giants +3

Cowboys at Eagles -2.5

Redskins at Cowboys -11

Giants at Cowboys -7.5

Eagles at Cowboys -2

Browns at Cowboys -4.5

Cardinals at Cowboys -6.5

49ers at Cowboys PK

Steelers at Cowboys -3

Falcons at Cowboys -5.5

Giants at Ravens -13

Giants at Bears -6

Giants at Bengals -1

Giants at Rams -6.5

Giants at Seahawks -8.5

Giants at Redskins PK

Giants at Eagles -3.5

Redskins at Giants -5

Eagles at Giants +3.5

Cardinals at Giants PK

49ers at Giants +6.5

Browns at Giants +1.5

Steelers at Giants +2

Buccaneers at Giants +3

Eagles at Cardinals -2.5

Eagles at Browns -1

Eagles at Packers -2.5

Eagles at Steelers -5.5

Eagles at 49ers +6

Eagles at Redskins -1

Redskins at Eagles -10.5

Rams at Eagles -3.5

Seahawks at Eagles -2

Ravens at Eagles +2

Bengals at Eagles -10

Saints at Eagles PK

Redskins at Cardinals -6.5

Redskins at Browns -9

Redskins at Lions -6

Redskins at Steelers -10

Redskins at 49ers -14

Rams at Redskins +5

Seahawks at Redskins +6

Ravens at Redskins +10.5

Bengals at Redskins -1

Panthers at Redskins -1

Bills at Cardinals +1

AFC East

Bills at Broncos PK

Bills at Raiders +2

Bills at 49ers -6

Bills at Titans -2

Bills at Dolphins +3.5

Bills at Jets +2.5

Bills at Patriots -1.5

Dolphins at Bills -8

Jets at Bills -7.5

Patriots at Bills -3

Chiefs at Bills +2.5

Chargers at Bills -5.5

Rams at Bills -3

Seahawks at Bills -2

Steelers at Bills -3

Dolphins at Cardinals -5

Dolphins at Broncos -5

Dolphins at Jaguars +1

Dolphins at Raiders -4

Dolphins at 49ers -11.5

Dolphins at Jets -3

Dolphins at Patriots -7.5

Jets at Dolphins -1.5

Patriots at Dolphins +2.5

Chiefs at Dolphins +7.5

Chargers at Dolphins PK

Rams at Dolphins +3

Seahawks at Dolphins +4

Bengals at Dolphins -3.5

Patriots at Texans -1

Patriots at Chiefs -8.5

Patriots at Chargers PK

Patriots at Rams -3

Patriots at Seahawks -4

Patriots at Jets +1.5

Jets at Patriots -7

Broncos at Patriots -5

Raiders at Patriots -6

Cardinals at Patriots -5.5

49ers at Patriots +2

Ravens at Patriots +3

Jets at Colts -7

Jets at Chiefs -13

Jets at Chargers -4

Jets at Rams -7

Jets at Seahawks -8.5

Broncos at Jets PK

Raiders at Jets -1.5

Cardinals at Jets -1

49ers at Jets +6

Browns at Jets +1

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