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February 5, 2020

West Coast Teams Most Likely Tom Brady Destination Say Bookmakers

The Super Bowl is behind us so again it’s time to start speculating on the question that will dominate this offseason…where will Tom Brady play?

The odds list for Brady’s next team has expanded to 31 teams at SportsBetting and the wager is only actionable if Brady does not return to New England. But you can see every team’s chances of landing the future Hall of Fame quarterback here and below 

It’s also worth noting that there are odds on whether or not Brady will be on the Patriots roster in Week 1 and they imply there is a 66.7% chance he’ll be back with the only team he’s ever played for. 

Will Tom Brady be on Patriots roster Week 1?

Yes -200

No +150

Team odds for Brady initially opened at SportsBetting on January 5, and the Browns, Panthers and Raiders were listed as the early favorites. Over the next two weeks, action on the Chargers dropped their odds to +200 after initially being set at +700. 

However, there is a fresh favorite for the third time as the Las Vegas Raiders have moved into the top spot. 

Tom Brady’s Next TeamStandard OddsFractional Odds
Las Vegas Raiders  +3003/1
Los Angeles Chargers  +4004/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +7007/1
Carolina Panthers  +9009/1
Indianapolis Colts  +9009/1
Dallas Cowboys  +9009/1
Cleveland Browns  +120012/1
Miami Dolphins  +140014/1
New Orleans Saints  +140014/1
Tennessee Titans +160016/1
Chicago Bears  +160016/1
Denver Broncos  +180018/1
Washington Redskins  +220022/1
New York Jets  +250025/1
Minnesota Vikings  +250025/1
Cincinnati Bengals  +280028/1
Arizona Cardinals  +280028/1
Jacksonville Jaguars  +280028/1
Detroit Lions +330033/1
Los Angeles Rams  +330033/1
Philadelphia Eagles  +330033/1
New York Giants  +330033/1
Pittsburgh Steelers +330033/1
San Francisco 49ers +660066/1
Buffalo Bills +660066/1
Atlanta Falcons +660066/1
Houston Texans +660066/1
Green Bay Packers +1000100/1
Baltimore Ravens +5000500/1
Seattle Seahawks +5000500/1
Kansas City Chiefs +100001000/1

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