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College World Series: Odds To Win Each Series and National Title

With the 16-team field set, SportsBetting has set odds to capture the College World Series title. It also has odds for each Super Regional series. 

CWS Odds

Vanderbilt  4/1
Arkansas  5/1
UCLA  5/1
Mississippi State  6/1
LSU  10/1
Louisville  12/1 
Texas Tech  12/1
North Carolina  15/1
Ole Miss  15/1
East Carolina  20/1
Oklahoma State  20/1
Stanford  20/1
Auburn  25/1
Florida State  25/1
Duke  50/1
Michigan  50/1

Series Odds

Louisville -150
East Carolina +120

Texas Tech -275
Oklahoma State +215

Duke +675
Vanderbilt -1200

Michigan +425
UCLA -600

Ole Miss +175
Arkansas -215

Auburn +145
North Carolina -175

Florida State +150
LSU -185

Stanford +200
Mississippi State -250

Additionally, SportsBetting has updated its MLB division odds.

AL Central
Minnesota Twins  -1500
Cleveland Indians  +800
Chicago White Sox  +5000

AL East
New York Yankees  -225
Tampa Bay Rays  +275
Boston Red Sox  +700

AL West 
Houston Astros  -4000
Oakland Athletics  +2500
Los Angeles Angels  +3300
Texas Rangers  +4000

NL Central
Chicago Cubs  +150
Milwaukee Brewers  +150
St. Louis Cardinals  +450
Pittsburgh Pirates  +900
Cincinnati Reds  +2000

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies  -125
Atlanta Braves  +150
New York Mets  +700

NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers  -2500
Arizona Diamondbacks  +2500
Colorado Rockies  +2500
San Diego Padres  +4000

New England Patriots Have Gotten Fewer Bets to win Super Bowl Than This Team

The Patriots have not received the most bets to capture another Lombardi Trophy. That distinction goes to the NFL’s trendiest team in 2019.

According to SportsBetting the Browns have incurred the most bets to win the Super Bowl.

The site started taking bets on Super Bowl LIV in late January. Cleveland’s Super Bowl odds have dropped from 25/1 to 14/1 during that timeframe.

SportsBetting also provided data regarding the three teams with the most amount of money wagered on their Super Bowl odds. New England shows up on both lists. 

Here’s the Super Bowl betting breakdown through four months.

Teams with most bets taken:

1. Cleveland Browns  (odds have moved from 25/1 to 14/1)

2. Kansas City Chiefs  (odds have moved from 7/1 to 10/1)

3. New England Patriots  (odds have moved from 6/1 to 7/1)

Teams with most money wagered:

1. New England Patriots

2. Indianapolis Colts  (odds have moved from 16/1 to 14/1)

3. Chicago Bears  (odds have not changed from 14/1)

As far as teams bettors have no interest in backing, five of the six franchises reside in the South divisions. And there is one team in particular bettors are fading as the Bucs show up on both dubious lists.

Teams with fewest bets taken:

1. Tennessee Titans  (odds have not changed from 50/1)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (odds have not changed from 66/1)

3. Carolina Panthers  (odds have moved from 40/1 to 50/1)

 Teams with least money wagered:

1. Miami Dolphins  (odds have moved from 100/1 to 125/1)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3. Cincinnati Bengals  (odds have moved from 80/1 to 100/1)

This page will update with current odds: NFL live odds has also updated its odds for every team’s chances of making the playoffs as early professional bettors targeted a few unsuspecting squads. The Bills, Broncos, Jets, Raiders and Titans have all seen their odds improve since playoff odds were originally posted on April 30.

Playoff Odds
Arizona Cardinals
Yes +900/No -2000
Atlanta Falcons
Yes +160/No -200
Baltimore Ravens
Yes +175/No -215
Buffalo Bills
Yes +400/No -600
*(Change: Yes +375/No -550)
Carolina Panthers
Yes +225/No -285
Chicago Bears
Yes -140/No +110
Cincinnati Bengals
Yes +600/No -1000
Cleveland Browns
Yes -140/No +110
Dallas Cowboys
Yes +100/No -130
Denver Broncos
Yes +400/No -600
*(Change: Yes +350/No -500)
Detroit Lions
Yes +400/No -600
Green Bay Packers
Yes -130/No +100
Houston Texans
Yes +150/No -180
Indianapolis Colts
Yes -260/No +200
Jacksonville Jaguars
Yes +350/No -500
Kansas City Chiefs
Yes -450/No +375
Los Angeles Chargers
Yes -225/No +185
Los Angeles Rams
Yes -300/No +240
Miami Dolphins
Yes +1000/No -2500
Minnesota Vikings
Yes +130/No -160
New England Patriots
Yes -800/No +500
New Orleans Saints
Yes -300/No +240
New York Giants
Yes +500/No -800
New York Jets
Yes +300/No -400
*(Change: Yes +275/No -350)
Philadelphia Eagles
Yes -200/No +160
Pittsburgh Steelers
Yes +100/No -130
Oakland Raiders
Yes +500/No -800
*(Change: Yes +400/No -600)
San Francisco 49ers
Yes +200/No -260
Seattle Seahawks
Yes +140/No -170
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yes +400/No -600
Tennessee Titans
Yes +350/No -500
*(Change: Yes +300/No -400)

Washington Redskins
Yes +500/No -800

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Updated NBA Finals MVP Odds From Offshore Sportsbook

SportsBetting updated its MVP odds Monday, and Curry has lower odds than before the Finals began. The odds are broken down by game below. 

DeMarcus Cousins had 25/1 odds (+2500) going into the series, but was taken off the board after Game 1. Following a strong Game 2, oddsmakers added him back to the current list at 33/1.

Draymond Green saw his odds jump to 10/1 following Game 1, but now he has the third-best MVP odds (behind Curry and Kawhi) at 6/1. 

Pascal Siakam’s odds plummeted from 25/1 to 10/1 after his Game 1 performance, but he’s currently at 16/1 going into Game 3.

This page will update with current NBA odds

Before Game 1

Stephen Curry  -125
Kawhi Leonard  +250
Draymond Green  +700
Kevin Durant  +1000
Klay Thompson  +1200
Andre Iguodala  +2500
DeMarcus Cousins  +2500
Kyle Lowry  +2500
Pascal Siakam  +2500
Fred VanVleet  +3300
Serge Ibaka  +3300
Kevon Looney  +5000
Marc Gasol  +5000
Norman Powell  +5000

Before Game 2

Stephen Curry  +100
Kawhi Leonard  +300
Draymond Green  +1000
Kevin Durant  +1000
Pascal Siakam  +1000
Klay Thompson  +1200
Andre Iguodala  +2500
Kyle Lowry  +3300
Fred VanVleet  +3300
Marc Gasol  +3300
Serge Ibaka  +5000

Before Game 3

Stephen Curry  -150
Kawhi Leonard  +275
Draymond Green  +600
Kevin Durant  +1600
Klay Thompson  +1600
Pascal Siakam  +1600
Andre Iguodala  +2500
DeMarcus Cousins  +3300
Fred VanVleet  +5000
Kyle Lowry  +5000
Marc Gasol  +5000 originally posted the NBA Finals series odds at:
Warriors -280
Raptors +235

Following Game 1, the odds moved to:
Warriors -150
Raptors +130

Current Finals odds:
Warriors -285
Raptors +240

The current odds imply a 74.02 percent probability that the Warriors capture the title while the Raptors’ chances are just under 30 percent.

The line for Game 3 has the Warriors favored by 6 points (opened -5.5) and the total at 212.5 (opened 214).

AL/NL MVP Odds, Cy Young Favorites Updated

SportsBetting has updated its odds for baseball’s MVP and Cy Young accolades. 

The opening odds from May 1 can be found next to each player’s name while the current odds are in parentheses. Players that have been removed from the odds board show (OFF) while players that have been added are at the bottom of each list.

This page will update with current odds.

Mike Trout opened as the AL MVP favorite and has seen his odds drop to almost even. Last year’s winner, Mookie Betts, has gone from 5/1 to 25/1. Jorge Polanco is second on the list with 5/1 odds while George Springer (10/1), Joey Gallo (10/1), Austin Meadows (10/1) and Gary Sanchez (16/1) were added to the board.


Mike Trout 2/1     (5/4)

Mookie Betts 5/1     (25/1)

Alex Bregman 9/1     (12/1)

Jorge Polanco 9/1     (5/1)

Matt Chapman 10/1     (16/1)

Michael Brantley 14/1     (10/1)

Jose Ramirez 14/1     (OFF)

Aaron Judge 16/1     (OFF)

JD Martinez 16/1     (16/1)

Hunter Dozier 20/1     (OFF)

Francisco Lindor 25/1     (OFF)

Jose Altuve 33/1     (OFF)

Carlos Correa 33/1     (OFF)

Xander Bogaerts 33/1     (20/1)

George Springer 33/1     (10/1)

Elvis Andrus 33/1     (OFF)

Yandy Diaz 33/1     (OFF)

Khris Davis 40/1     (OFF)

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 50/1     (OFF)

Gary Sanchez OFF     (16/1)

George Springer OFF     (10/1)

Joey Gallo OFF     (10/1)

Austin Meadows OFF     (10/1)

While Cody Bellinger remains the favorite for NL MVP, Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story have seen their odds drop significantly. Josh Bell (9/1), Anthony Rizzo (16/1), Ronald Acuna Jr. (20/1) and Kris Bryant (33/1) were added to the list.


Cody Bellinger 5/2     (2/1)

Christian Yelich 3/1     (5/1)

Ronald Acuna Jr. 9/1     (20/1)

Bryce Harper 12/1     (12/1)

Javier Baez 12/1     (10/1)

Paul Goldschmidt 12/1     (20/1)

Pete Alonso 16/1     (OFF)

Fernando Tatis Jr. 16/1     (OFF)

Paul DeJong 16/1     (OFF)

Nolan Arenado 16/1     (6/1)

Rhys Hoskins 20/1     (33/1)

Anthony Rendon 20/1     (20/1)

Freddie Freeman 22/1     (16/1)

Manny Machado 25/1     (OFF)

Trevor Story 25/1     (12/1)

Lorenzo Cain 50/1     (OFF)

Michael Conforto 50/1     (OFF)

Kris Bryant OFF     (33/1)

Anthony Rizzo OFF     (16/1)

Ronald Acuna Jr. OFF     (20/1)

Josh Bell OFF     (9/1)

Justin Verlander’s odds to claim his second career Cy Young have dropped to below 2/1. Jake Odorizzi, who wasn’t initially on the odds board, now has the second-lowest odds at 5/1, just ahead of Jose Berrios (6/1) and Domingo German (7/1).

AL Cy Young

Justin Verlander 4/1     (3/2)

Trevor Bauer 5/1     (25/1)

Marcus Stroman 8/1     (OFF)

Tyler Glasnow 8/1     (OFF)

Jose Berrios 15/2     (6/1)

Mike Minor 9/1     (10/1)

Marco Gonzales 10/1     (OFF)

Domingo German 12/1     (7/1)

Charlie Morton 16/1     (12/1)

Gerrit Cole 18/1     (16/1)

James Paxton 18/1     (OFF)

Blake Snell 20/1     (20/1)

Carlos Carrasco 20/1     (OFF)

Aaron Sanchez 20/1     (OFF)

Corey Kluber 25/1     (OFF)

Chris Sale 25/1     (OFF)

Mike Minor OFF     (10/1)

Lucas Giolito OFF     (10/1)

Jake Odorizzi OFF     (5/1)

Matthew Boyd OFF     (12/1)

With his league-leading ERA, Hyun-Jin Ryu has gone from 16/1 to 3/1 to capture the NL Cy Young. However, there are seven total players with odds less than 10/1, including Mike Soroka (9/1).

NL Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw 5/1     (9/1)

Luis Castillo 6/1     (15/2)

Zach Greinke 13/2     (15/2)

Max Scherzer 7/1     (8/1)

Jake Arrieta 9/1     (OFF)

Jacob DeGrom 12/1     (12/1)

Patrick Corbin 12/1     (16/1)

Cole Hamels 12/1     (OFF)

German Marquez 12/1     (9/1)

Hyun-Jin Ryu 16/1     (3/1)

Zach Davies 16/1     (15/2)

Aaron Nola 20/1     (20/1)

Jon Lester 20/1     (OFF)

Chris Paddack 25/1     (OFF)

Stephen Strasburg 33/1     (20/1)

Jose Quintana 33/1     (OFF)

Jack Flaherty 33/1     (OFF)

Max Fried 33/1     (33/1)

Mike Soroka OFF     (9/1)

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