Oddsmakers: Durant, Butler Going Elsewhere, Leonard Staying Put

The future destinations of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler have been prognosticated by oddsmakers ahead of tonight’s free agency frenzy.

SportsBetting has updated its odds for each of these max-contract players, and there is one surprise as Brooklyn is now the odds-on favorite in the Durant sweepstakes.

The Nets had 8/1 odds to land Durant a month ago, and late last year they had 15/1 odds. Also last month, the Rockets were 9/1 to acquire Butler.

Current free agent odds from SportsBetting

Kevin Durant team first game of 2019-20 regular season

Brooklyn Nets  -150  (2/3)
New York Knicks  +150  (3/2)
Golden State Warriors  4/1  (4/1)

Kawhi Leonard team first game of 2019-20 regular season

Toronto Raptors  -250  (2/5)
Los Angeles Clippers  +150  (3/2)
Los Angeles Lakers  +900  (9/1)
New York Knicks  +1800  (18/1)
Brooklyn Nets  +2500  (25/1)

Jimmy Butler team first game of 2019-20 regular season

Houston Rockets  +100  (1/1)
Philadelphia 76ers  +150  (3/2)
Brooklyn Nets  +800  (8/1)
Los Angeles Clippers  +800  (8/1)
New York Knicks  +900  (9/1)
Los Angeles Lakers  +1000  (10/1)

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