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Astros (Verlander) at Yankees (Happ)

  • Verlander 4.43 ERA last three though .70 WHIP and .208 OBP against
  • His road and day splits not as good as home/night but still not bad
  • Happ 5.13 ERA, 1.31 WHIP at home
    • Compared to 4.05, 1.10 road
  • But Happ’s day OBP against is .264 compared to .320 at night

Reds (Desclafani) at Brewers (Woodruff)

  • Desclafani last three deceptive ERA at 1.69, but .308 OBP and 1.25 WHIP
    • ERA is a run lower on road than at home
  • Desclafani almost same number of day and night innings but:
    • 5.77 day ERA, 1.51 WHIP
    • 2.75 and 1.14 at night
  • Woodruff 6.26 ERA last 4 starts, 1.39 WHIP
    • Nothing particularly pronounced in splits

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Mets (deGrom) at Cubs (Hamels)

  • deGrom six straight starts allowing two or fewer ERA
  • Even better on road 2.88, 1.04 ERA and WHIP
    • Only second day start of years
  • Hamels great season as Cubs 10-5 in his starts, 1.18 WHIP, 2.85 ERA
    • 1 ER last 4 starts, 29 IP

Angels (Skaggs) at Cardinals (Mikolas)

  • Tyler Skaggs rough year, worse on road 5.27 ERA, though WHIP and OBP about same as home
  • This is a night game, where his splits a bit worse, but not by much
  • Mikalos much better at home
    • 2.25 ERA, .248 OBP, .89 WHIP home
    • 7.76 road, .384, 1.76

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