Free NFL Picks From Top Rated Sports Handicapper Titans-Texans

Finest NFL handicapper off all time Joe Duffy breaks down Titans-Texans from a sports betting standpoint.

Wise Guy winners on Boise State and over meant winning days in both football and basketball. We go 7-4-1 overall. Joe Duffy’s Picks your NFL Specialist went 6-1 last Sunday. Expect a better one today. We are 9-3 in college basketball and 12-6 in NBA and college combined.

We have two NFL Wise Guy winners highly corroborated. Also get four Major plays, which over 27 years have won at a higher rate than Game of the Year bets you get elsewhere. We are not done. Two college basketball bets are up led by a Wise Guy. That is eight winners with three Wise Guy plays in two sports at

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