Latest Presidential Betting Odds

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and Rudolph
Giuliani respectively are the current favorites to win the US
Presidential election according to one of the European sportsbooks Ladbrokes.

Hillary Clinton is the slight favorite at 5/4, followed
closely by Obama at 2/1, John McCain at 4/1 and Giuliani at 8/1. Surging
Republican Mike Huckabee is 12/1, potential
third-party candidate Michael Bloomberg is 16/1, and Mitt Romney at 20/1.

Pro-choice when it comes to betting online candidate Ron
Paul is at 66/1. Also-rans include “two-Americas” John Edwards and Fred
Thompson each at 100/1. Disgraced potential Green Party candidate Cynthia
McKinney does not even show up on the radar screen.

Our preferred online casino is NewBodog but
they currently do not have updated POTUS odds. Republican
voters proved sports
betting expert
Joe Duffy correct when he correctly stated, “A comeback by
the Arizona Senator would surprise few Presidential historians,” when we
previously previewed the potential Republican
and Democratic

Regardless of the nominee, Democrats are heavily favored
to take the White House at 2/5 while the GOP is 7/4. This is quite surprising
considering the Democratic controlled Congress has approval ratings double
digits below the Republican President George Bush. will continue
to update political odds and previews.

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