Friday Computer Trends

Friday, April 20,
through the NBA postseason package, all plays, all sports for less than $10 per
day at


has gone over 10-0 to the division this year

over 11-2 for the year

over 8-1 to the division this year

Cubs are 2-17 the last two years -17.7 to teams
averaging 2.75 or fewer extra base hits per game

Cubs are 2-8 in day games this year -8.6

The Dodgers are 7-0 +7.6 following an under

Mets 9-1 at night +8 this year

Chicago Cubs Ted Lilly has a team 4-14 mark
-14.8 units to NL teams scoring 4.3 or less runs per game


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances. Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the

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