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Thursday, September 28,


We just keep winning. Last night it was the proverbial
splitting headache, but thanks to Wise Guy Dandy Dog on Oakland,
we win yet again! Some of the latest numbers: 15-5 including four Dandy Dog
winners. Dandy dogs are dogs of 140 or more. 7-1 Wise Guy plays including in
MLB dog winners of 125, 155 and 185. Also going back further 7-1 our last eight
football Wise Guy plays, MNF Game of the Year on New
, plus Central Florida
already this week. Get both Thursday football sides,
the biggest MLB play (night game) and more. 
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-140) Arizona

San Diego is
11-4 their last 15. Jake Peavy last three starts is a
sensational 2.37 ERA with a 1.105 walks/hits per game. Arizona
is 1-6 their last seven with Miguel Batista. San Diego
has a nice OBP of .349 their last seven games.
Arizona OBP their last seven games is .283. San
is 16-5 their last 21 to non-elite pitchers,
that is those with a WHIP of 1.300 or higher. 
They are 14-6 their last 20 on the road against teams with a losing
record and 29-14 home and away against teams that enter below .500.

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