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Sunday, July 30, 2006


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Mets Glavine 2-10
lifetime career mark to Atlanta

San Francisco Morris 10-5 personal lifetime
record to Pittsburgh

Philadelphia Wood 3-12 lifetime personal mark to

Houston Clemens 1.63 lifetime ERA in five starts
to Arizona

St. Louis Carpenter 6-1 personal, 7-2 team mark
to the Cubs, 14-6 team record this year

Washington Ortiz 4-0 team lifetime record to LA

NYY Mussina 16-7 team
record to Tampa lifetime; his personal record for the year is 12-3

Minnesota J Santana 6-1 personal lifetime mark
to Detroit

Florida over 11-3 with Moehler

Arizona Batista 15-6 team mark

Seattle over 13-7 with Pineiro

Cleveland over 14-6 with Lee

Baltimore Chen 0-6 personal, 2-8 team record,
7.09 ERA

Boston Schilling 13-3 personal, 17-5 team record

Toronto Halladay 18-3 team record


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the

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