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Free Baseball Pick and MLB Computer Betting System With Stunning ROI

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MLB free winning pick from Joe Duffy’s picks, backed by a remarkable super system used by pro bettors.

KANSAS CITY (SINGER +200 at Bovada) Cleveland (Clevinger)

Big underdogs in second game of season, regardless of if off win or loss are 38-32 for +30.18 units and an ROI of 43.1. The average odds are +161 yet still wins 54.3 percent of time. Strong on runline too, but much better on moneyline. Early season regression to mean/bounceback angle is +53.52 units and a 19.5 ROI.

Who is the Best Sports Handicapper in the World?

Wednesday action is up. Get a free pick below from the top handicapper courtesy of a great online sportsbook.

Top all-time basketball, college and pro. We have been tracking them since 976-LOCK days. They are one of the Big 3 NBA services we continue to ride. They are also No. 1 in all sports since 1999, January 1. Regular Season MLB/NBA Parlay of the Year wins with Hawks and Padres. MLB Day Parlay of the Month on side and total of Phillies vs. Mets at 1:05 ET. Then, get NBA Upset of Month. 

The former right-hand man of a once-great handicapper on the cities affiliated scorephones then on Freescoreboard 866-FREE-866 scores. When the right-hand man was making his picks, the elder handicapper had 4 straight Top 10 finishes all sports combined ’97-’00. He is the No. 4 all-time money winning handicapper and No. 3 in MLB. His picks have been tracked since the SuperLockLine scorephone days. MLB Underdog of the Week won on Arizona last night. Weekday AL Game of the Month wins on Kansas City in a shutout yesterday. American League Total of the Week is an afternoon game

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Are Parlays Good Bets? No, Plus More Sports Gambling Info

We are presenting the latest in a series of a series of sports betting strategy and other sports handicapping and gaming issues.  

Parlays are Par to Lay Off

We very often get questions about parlays and most people even preface it by admitting they “need a bailout.” First of all, as we’ve stated many times, there is no “bailout” game, parlay or bet of any sort.

But to answer the oft-asked question, we never bet parlays. States Brian Gould of OffshoreInsiders.com, “Any proposition that we can go 4-1 and yet still lose money is something we want no part of.”

This is even truer in baseball, whereby design we can pick 40 percent over a long period and still win thanks to the rudimentary yet again widely abandoned underdog math. Parlays are sports gambling’s get rich scheme.

We believe there are actual “casual gamblers” and parlays do serve an entertainment purpose for weekend warriors who have self-control and little delusions.

Here is an analogy. My parents live about 45 minutes from Atlantic City. They make the trip often but do so to have a good time first and foremost.  Hoping to win money is the carrot that increases their entertainment, but they are well aware over the long term they will lose money playing their beloved one arm bandits.

It’s the same way with the parlay card player. If the weekend warrior wants to play $10 on a parlay card or two per weekend to make his coach potato experience more enjoyable, more power to him, that is, as long as he knows parlays decrease his chances of winning in return for the low risk/high return rush.

We see no other use for parlays.  

No Middle Class among Baseball Handicappers

Most Vegas, offshore, or local books will tell you the most significant gap between the sharp and square player occurs in baseball. According to Cy McCormick of the online betting syndicate MasterLockLine the balance of power divide is even more pronounced among sports services. McCormick has accurate long-term records of virtually every sports service and says roughly 8-13 percent of touts will turn a profit over a full season in other sports, but less than five percent in baseball.

He believes it comes down to marketing. “Services can pad their records,  yet lose money by picking a lot of big favorites. Therefore, they can win for losing by worrying about won-loss record ahead of ROI.”

Stevie Vincent believes there is another reason—handicappers don’t put as much effort into picking baseball games because sales are always going to be higher in other sports.  “Some handicappers literally take off during baseball season, while others only do figuratively.”  

Bill Kayma, Managing Editor of OffshoreInsiders.com, agrees with Vincent. “Many gamblers will pay for well-marketed coin flips. That’s why we required all handicappers to provide at least a month of samples of their daily write-ups before allowing them on our site. Handicappers should always have quality analysis with their picks. If they don’t, chances are they are trying to pawn a mere hunch.”

The World Keeps Getting Smaller

We’ve touted modern technology time and time again and how this funky thing called the Internet gives the player the edge.  That is as long as one has the time, effort and knowledge on how to use it.

As we’ve said, Internet radio is precious in getting the local skinny that was once available to a select few.  Finally, the nation’s first and still best sports station, WFAN in New York, can be heard online.

A real sports station, as opposed to the “guy radio” pseudo sports formats polluting the airwaves, WFAN actually has reporters at the New York area teams’ practices.  No station in the country is better at breaking news that is of interest to the gambler—the up-to-the-minute status on a star player considered a “game-time decision.”

The insight is quite good and useful to the sports gambler too.  

The number of sources for real-time first-hand information continues to increase, but WFAN now being available on our office computer is one of the better ones in a long time.

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God’s Tid-Bets, Vol. 19



God’s Tid-Bets, Vol. 19

Joe Duffy (JoeDuffy.net)

This is the latest in a series of a Godgepodge of sports betting strategy and other sports handicapping and gaming issues.

Granddaddy of Them All Still Worthwhile Despite Long Nap

Over the years, we’ve reviewed some of our favorite information sites.  Computer Sports World and I go back a long time.  Before this fancy thing called the Internet, I was subscribing to them in the dinosaur days of dial-up BBS. 

If you remember Procomm DOS software, you like me are probably middle aged or older.

Baseball is the last remaining sport I use CSW, only because I think their baseball match-ups, the “516” file as we old timers know it, is very succinct.  The file focuses on the primary information we use to weed out games before digging deeper with other sources.

The one thing that baffles me is why they persist on not updating the current year’s data until 7-10 games into the year. They instead insist on just posting the static data from last year.  Earth to Computer Sports World, last year’s data will not change.

I did make the mistake of calling and asking and was simply told the in house writers asked for them to not update until there is more data. One could argue limited year to date statistics has limited value.  But again, considering last year’s stats could be put into a permanent file for the writers, the customer could then not have the decision made for him that the first week’s worth of games has no handicapping value, but somehow what happened the previous season does.

Buyer beware that CSW is essentially worthless until a week or so into the season.

All in all, even now a good source, but the relative Johnny-come-lately sites have diminished Computer Sports World’s value even after once they get around to acknowledging a new year has started.

Score One for ESPN

One of the most commonly asked questions on the posting boards is “what is your favorite site for scores?”  Though sometimes there are some technical glitches, ESPN’s “Real Time Scoreboard” (part of ESPN Insider) is unbelievable.  Just to give you an idea, sometimes I will be listening to the game on my satellite radio and the slight radio delay is behind “watching” the play-by-play on my computer.

Sadly ESPN must kowtow to the hypocrisy that exists in America about gambling. Otherwise it would be nice in college sports to have a scoreboard that is close to real time without having to sift through worthless games that are not in the offshore rotation.


Dynamics Change in the Postseason

I know there is one handicapper out there who most of his handicapping is based on the home/road variances.  That’s been a part of our handicapping for years.  But the key for a quality handicapper is one who knows when and how to make proper adjustments.

One of the great examples is how the considerations must be adjusted for the NBA playoffs when it comes to weighing home and road performance. On one hand, the fair to middling teams often will have much larger attendance and for all teams generally more enthusiastic home crowds.

However during the regular season, the travel schedule disproportionately benefits the home team. Teams playing their fifth game in five nights or third in four nights are usually the road team. Depth isn’t as much of an issue as teams shorten their bench during the postseason.

Of course this would apply to both home and road games, but a deep bench paid dividends the most was during the regular season was in the midst of long road trips, a situation that does not apply to the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong, home and road records are still huge in our analysis during the postseason, but we balance with total awareness that tweaks must be made on a team-to-team basis.

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