Super Bowl XLVI Proposition Odds: Patriots vs. Giants

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The first group of Super Bowl XLVI props have been posted says the top sports handicapping site in the world. What will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, the respective QBs Tom Brady and Eli Manning are the favorites to win Super Bowl MVP.



All wagers have action,if there is co-MVP dead-heat rules apply.

Tom Brady 13/10
Eli Manning 9/4
Rob Gronkowski 15/2
Hakeem Nicks 14/1
Victor Cruz 14/1
Aaron Hernandez 15/1
Wes Welker 15/1
Ahmad Bradshaw 22/1
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 22/1
Jason Pierre-Paul 25/1
Deion Branch 30/1
Brandon Jacobs 35/1
Mario Manningham 35/1
Danny Woodhead 50/1
Antrel Rolle 75/1
Justin Tuck 75/1
Chad Ochocinco 100/1
Devin McCourty 100/1
Jake Ballard 100/1
Jerod Mayo 100/1
Kyle Arrington 100/1
Lawrence Tynes 100/1
Osi Umenyiora 100/1
Stephen Gostkowski 100/1
Vince Wilfork 100/1
Field 20/1


(NYG vs NE) – Player to score the first TD in the game?

All wagers have action.

Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE 11/2
Aaron Hernandez (NE) TE 15/2
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE) RB 15/2
Victor Cruz (NYG) WR 15/2
Wes Welker (NE) WR 15/2
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) RB 17/2
Hakeem Nicks (NYG) WR 17/2
Brandon Jacobs (NYG) RB 12/1
Deion Branch (NE) WR 14/1
Mario Manningham (NYG) WR 14/1
Danny Woodhead (NE) RB 20/1
Jake Ballard (NYG) TE 20/1
Chad Ochocinco (NE) WR 25/1
Stevan Ridley (NE) RB 25/1
Tom Brady (NE) QB 25/1
Eli Manning (NYG) QB 35/1
Julian Edelman (NE) WR 35/1
Travis Beckum (NYG) TE 35/1
Bear Pascoe (NYG) TE 40/1
D.J. Ware (NYG) RB 50/1
Field 15/2
No TD scored in the game 150/1


(NYG vs NE) – Player to score the first New York Giants TD in the game?

All wagers have action.

Hakeem Nicks (NYG) WR 7/2
Victor Cruz (NYG) WR 7/2
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) RB 9/2
Brandon Jacobs (NYG) RB 6/1
Mario Manningham (NYG) WR 7/1
Jake Ballard (NYG) TE 12/1
Eli Manning (NYG) QB 15/1
Travis Beckum (NYG) TE 16/1
Bear Pascoe (NYG) TE 22/1
D.J. Ware (NYG) RB 25/1
Field 10/1
No NYG TD in the game 10/1


(NYG vs NE) – Player to score the first New England TD in the game?

All wagers have action.

Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE 11/4
Wes Welker (NE) WR 4/1
Aaron Hernandez (NE) TE 9/2
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE) RB 9/2
Deion Branch (NE) WR 15/2
Danny Woodhead (NE) RB 12/1
Tom Brady (NE) QB 14/1
Chad Ochocinco (NE) WR 15/1
Stevan Ridley (NE) RB 15/1
Julian Edelman (NE) WR 20/1
Field 10/1
No NE TD in the game 10/1

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