Sports Handicapper’s Best Bets Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has free winner Monday is on the Los Angeles Angels (-124) to Florida.

Reasoning: The only reason why I am not making this a paid play is because Anibal Sanchez can be really really good at times. With that said though the Marlins have played beyond atrocious baseball of late and I’ll therefore back a stud in Jered Weaver and what is right now clearly the better overall team Anaheim.

Certainly the Angels are not the team they used to be and in the end should be around that .500 mark but the way Florida has performed over the past month is as bad as they could ever come. The fish went from two games out of first place to the cellar in about the quickest I have ever seen a team perform such a feat. They have lost 18 of their last 19 games and just watched their manager Edwin Rodriguez throw his hands up and give in. This team has talent with Stanton, Ramirez, Sanchez and Morrison but they are right now a total dead team.

The Marlins bats have not done much and today face a guy in Weaver who is lights out a lot of the time against 9 regular hitters. Now throw in a pitcher hitting and I’m sure Weaver will be very very good, if not great. Sanchez has the stuff to match Weaver but in the end the fish have been floundering and it’s asking a lot to see a 180 today against a potential Cy Young award winner.

Anaheim isn’t great but Kendrick, Abreu, Trumbo, Wells and Hunter are professional hitters who combined with a horse on the mound should be too good in the end.

Top expert pick on this game: Los Angeles Anaheim

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