Comp Pick: The Real Matt Rivers Free Play MLB Bet Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a comp pick Thursday is on the Minnesota Twins (+154) to San Francisco.

Reasoning: There is no doubt in my mind that Tim Lincecum is more than due to be lights out in one of these starts as the former Cy Young award winner is too good to be as bad as he has been at times. With that said though it’s not like this Giant offense without Buster Posey is exactly the 1917 Yankees. Lincecum may be really good and get little support in a tight low scoring defeat. Bruce Bochy’s club has started to struggle a lot of late and unless their pitching is phenomenal they are going to be in trouble pretty much every night out.

Ron Gardenhire’s Twins have played great now for about a month. The first few months to the season were horrific as this team somehow lost almost every single game. But I said then and I will continue to say how the Twinkies are a playoff type team that didn’t just all of a sudden lose it overnight. Morneau and Mauer have been injured but one has pretty much been in the mix throughout and guys like Young, Span, Cuddyer and Casilla have helped this organization get to the playoffs a bunch recently.

Things aren’t going to come easy today as I do think Lincecum looks better tonight but Brian Duensing is a solid enough lefthander who should be just fine against the punch and judy Giants and in the end to get a quality takeback like this is definitely with a shot.

For more information: Nothing too crazy today but I will put a dent in the man’s face and get fully back on track today. 300,000* Phillies-Cardinals. Chris Carpenter is 1-7, is that an aberration or is there a reason for it as he drops to 1-8 without Albert? I know, do you? Click now to purchase

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