Sports Service Baseball Odds Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has Sunday free pick and it is actually a pair of plays and they’re both on the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park versus Detroit.

Reasoning: Here’s how I look at this and it is a bit unconventional but I’m going to say it anyway. The Tigers aren’t very good at all and when compared to the red hot Red Sox there truly is no comparison. After the rainout yesterday these clubs are expected to play a pair today and that can only mean one of two things, a split or a Red Sox sweep. To think that Jim Leyland’s team can take both games against the surging Sox seems way too far-fetched leading me to believe that backing Boston in both games has a far higher ceiling than a lower floor.

Justin Verlander is awesome and a guy who can be as good as they come. But Josh Beckett is on that level as well and the Boston right-hander has been as good as ever thus far this season. Then in the other game we are getting a guy in Clay Buchholz who has really been coming into his own this season proving how he really does have some great stuff and that the no-hitter a few years back wasn’t a fluke.

As for the bats the Sox if they don’t have the best lineup in the game they certainly have the hottest. Adding guys like Crawford and Gonzalez to an already hard hitting group with Pedroia, Ortiz, Ellsbury and a few others was the cherry on top and after the rough first few weeks we have really seen Terry Francona’s squad start to bash away and bury teams by a billion.

If this doubleheader turns out to be a split and we potentially lose a small amount of juice then so be it as it’s far from the end of the world. But the upside of the probable sweep with the surging Sox well supersedes the split and therefore I’m all about Beckett, Buchholz and the far greater and more potent hitters from Beantown.

Top expert pick on this game: Boston Red Sox in both Game 1 and Game 2.

For more information: A perfect 2-0 sweep of the board on Saturday from Matt Rivers and both winners were monster underdogs that took back a whole heck of a lot. The 300,000* Indians plus 165 and the 300,000* Twins plus 150 turned the trick with relative ease. It would have been a 3-0 day if the game from Detroit wasn’t rained out. I’ve now cashed that ticket in 13 of the last 19 days and 53 of the last 84 and the profit has now increased another full one million stars yesterday to 7.9 million stars now on this amazing run.

More winning today and I will do so yet again with a ton of conviction. 400,000* Angels-Twins plus a bonus 200,000* Phillies-Mets will lead me to the Promised Land yet again! Do you doubt me? If so maybe re-read those numbers above. Click now to purchase

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