NBA Lines: Grizzlies vs. Thunder Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA lock Saturday is on the Memphis Grizzlies (-3) Oklahoma City.

Reasoning: It’s tough to go against Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as the Thunder are a team with tremendous upside but I’m going to roll with the vastly improving Grizzlies. Memphis completely outclassed the experienced and very good Spurs at home and I can see them take care of business here as well.

Lionel Hollins’ team is not looking like an eighth seed at all. These guys are extremely confident and seemingly have not missed a beat without Rudy Gay. Zach Randolph is a beast, Mike Conley, Jr. has become a quality point guard, Marc Gasol is playing better than Pau Gasol and all in all the Grizz at home should win this game and this price is cheap enough to therefore expect a cover.

I do think that Oklahoma City could and probably should win this series in the end as they have the experience from last season but in this first game back in Elvis’ hometown I will roll with the growing Grizz and expect the crowd to go ballistic and get rewarded with a win and cover.

Top expert pick on this game: Memphis from Matt Rivers

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Chicago White Sox (+160) to Seattle Free MLB Underdog Bet Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers free Friday pick is on the Chicago White Sox (+160) to Seattle.

Reasoning: Ozzie Guillen’s Sox certainly have been awful for a while now but Felix Hernandez or no Felix Hernandez this Seattle Mariner squad just can’t be laying such a big price. King Felix has as much of an upside as anybody and I certainly love upside but the Seattle lineup is weak and all in all the M’s are just a bad baseball team that can lose anytime they take the field.

I definitely can’t say the White Sox are any better than bad because that is what they have been for a while now. With that said though “the good guys” still have powerful hitters in Konerko, Dunn, Beckham and a few others and are going to start to play better ball at some point in the near future. They have to as they are a lot better than what they have shown and a lot better than today’s opponent.

Phil Humber has shown some glimpses this season. Just ask the Yankees about that as he almost no-hit the Bombers at the Stadium. The guy is far from Cy Young, I readily admit that, but he is at least serviceable and should hold his own against the punch and judy Mariners. Humber shouldn’t be better than him. I don’t trust Hernandez but he should be able to outclass the M’s lineup and put up his share of zeros.

I don’t trust either side in this game and in a small play I’m therefore fine with taking back a solid number like this.

Top expert pick on this game: White Sox

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Astros vs. Reds Picks and Prediction Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Major League Baseball winner for Thursday is on the Houston Astros (+135) to Cincinnati.

Due note this a 12:35 EST game so if you need to get down on it do it early.

Reasoning: Homer Bailey had a ton of fanfare when he broke into the big leagues because of his stuff. But thanks to injuries and frankly underachieving the guy has not really materialized into all that much. Bailey is still young so I’m not going to write him off just yet but as of right now he is no Brett Myers and I’ll therefore back this road dog and take my chances.

When all is said and done it’s the Reds who are clearly the superior team of these two. Joey Votto is the reigning MVP and Dusty Baker’s club has a high upside. But things have not been all that great after the 4-0 start to the season and if not for the three run 9th inning yesterday Cincinnati would in fact be under .500 going into this game. So it’s not as if everything is all hunky dory with the defending NL Central champions because that’s far from the case.

The Astros aren’t very good, I get that, but ever since leaving Philadelphia Myers has been an absolute machine and that’s with those last two starts against the Brewers being one of his weaker ones in a Houston uniform. This guy hurls quality start after quality start and is a horse right now. I expect the right-hander to more than hold his own and I’m really not all that sure what Bailey is going to be able to do in his season debut. If he can shake off the shoulder troubles and come out and dominate for five or six innings it may not even be enough against Myers and if he looks rusty than to get any money at all with the ‘Stros is a joke.

Houston is coming off of that bad loss yesterday and it’s never a bad thing to back a team in such spot as more times than not they will be focused and play well that next game. In the end I’m about Pence, Bourn and the boys from Houston to do enough for Myers in a victory.

Top expert pick on this game: Houston from Matt Rivers

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Mavericks vs. Lakers Picks and Predictions

The Atlanta Hawks are at the Chicago Bulls, while the Dallas Mavericks are at the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus there is a full slate of MLB. Two elite handicappers have picks and previews for tonight. Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Wednesday winner and it is on the Atlanta Hawks (+9) against the Chicago Bulls.

Reasoning: I won’t say that I love this game two because frankly it seems a little easy to me and that more times than not is the kiss of death in the NBA.

If you take the names off of the jerseys from game one and ask anybody, sports fan or not, who the better team was it wouldn’t even be close. Larry Drew’s team manned up in a big-time way and flat out deserved to win that first game. Nobody has ever disputed the talent on this Atlanta team. It has been more about their Heart and killer instinct. Guys like Joe Johnson and Josh Smith just seem to fade off into oblivion at times and not play up to their All-Star capabilities. But Johnson and his 34 points showed in that last game how good he could be, Jamal Crawford has been balling and Smith along with Al Horford can play big and do some good things. These guys upset Dwight Howard and the Magic in the first series and now took game one at the United Center, a place where very few teams have been successful.

Tom Thibodeau’s team will come out and play with some anger, which you can bet on. But both Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer are banged up, if not “injured”, and all of a sudden this 62 win Chicago team has become extremely vulnerable in the playoffs. The Pacers looked to be the superior team in a lot of the last series but couldn’t close the deal late in games. Now in game one of this series it really wasn’t even close. So all in all to get another large number like this with the far healthier squad and quite possibly all of a sudden the more confident squad makes me fine with the visitors from Atlanta.

Top expert pick on this game: Atlanta Hawks from Matt Rivers

Now the winningiest sports service off all-time GodsTips has a baseball pick and preview. It’s to go with Tampa -119 to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Reasoning: Tampa has won 7-of-9. The Rays are 26-8 against the Blue Jays at Tropicana Field.  I can’t lie, this angle has random chance contributing, but still we can’t completely ignore that Rays are 19-3 in Niemann’s last 22 starts during game 2 of a series.

Sports service picks: Tampa in MLB from GodsTips anchor of

NBA Picks: Grizzlies vs. Thunder

There are two NBA games on tonight’s schedule, Boston Celtics at Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami and Oklahoma City are the favorites.

Tue 5/3 709 Boston Celtics +5 -103 +193 OVER 181.5 -105
04:05 PM 710 Miami Heat -5 -107 -215 UNDER 181.5 -105
Tue 5/3 711 Memphis Grizzlies +6.5 -104 +269 OVER 197.5 +100
06:35 PM 712 Oklahoma City Thunder -6.5 -106 -305 UNDER 197.5 -110 Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Tuesday is on the Memphis Grizzlies (+6.5) to Oklahoma City.

Reasoning: Zach Randolph and the Grizz were so dominant in that opening game on Sunday that I’ll make a small play on them plus a healthy number today.

I am a bit hard pressed to believe this series is going to be 2-0 heading back to Memphis, as that is asking a lot, but all Lionel Hollins’ team seems to be doing is play great basketball and cover game after game after game. These guys completely dominated San Antonio at home and on the road even looked like the better team, which is extremely impressive. Now in the first game in this series it was as if Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had little answers defensively. I guess things could change in a hurry in Okie City as the Thunder are a really powerful offensive team but it’s not like the Grizz. aren’t playing at an extremely high level right now.

Randolph, Marc Gasol, OJ Mayo and Mike Conley, Jr. are certainly a team on the rise. It’s been fast and may not be something that eventually leads to a championship but right now at this time Memphis is legit and should steal that cash one more time.

I expect the Thunder to walk off the floor as the victor but I also expect the Grizz to continue to do what they do and cover in the end.

Top expert pick on this game: Memphis

NBA Betting Lines: Bulls vs. Hawks Predictions Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Monday is on the Chicago Bulls (-8.5) to Atlanta.

Reasoning: It’s not like me to be laying almost double digits but I really do not see the Hawks being able to stay in this game one on the road in the Windy City. Not that Kirk Hinrich is a great point guard but with that hamstring injury we are going to see a younger Jeff Teague get more minutes at the point and even though I like the former Wake Forest star I just think this is too tough of a situation to get thrown in the fire like he very well may.

Larry Drew’s team certainly manned up against Dwight Howard and the Magic in winning that series. Jamal Crawford was balling and guys like Smith, Horford and Johnson have the upside to be pretty good. It’s not like the Hawks don’t have the potential to compete in a few of these games because they do if they come to play but I’m not so sure that this spot on the highway is conducive to success.

Derrick Rose is a superstar and should be healthy after getting some time to rest. He and his Bulls thoroughly destroyed the Hawks in a few games this season and I mean destroyed. Even in the game they lost they were up big and somehow someway played one terrible fourth quarter and lost a game they dominated most of the way. Tom Thibodeau’s team seems to have something in this matchup as the lopsided regular season does tell a story.

Carlos Boozer is banged up and really hasn’t been the Carlos Boozer that we have seen for years now. But at home with Rose, Joakim Noah and others I see a final somewhere in the vicinity of 94-82 as Chicago’s defense flexes its muscles as it’s done all season long.

Top expert pick on this game: Chicago from Matt Rivers

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Baseball Betting Tips: Chicago Cubs-Arizona Diamondbacks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Sunday is on the Chicago Cubs (+145) to Arizona.

Reasoning: When investing on baseball it’s not always about thinking you have the lock of all locks and will win all the time. To get a value is the name of the game and this is a value as the Diamondbacks are a 75-win team max and not worthy of laying a decent price like this. One doesn’t even need to go .500 on the diamond in order to make a lot of profit and that is the case here. This one play may lose but if this game played out 1,000 times taking the price back would be a definite winner as Arizona would find a way, as they do a lot of the time, to fail in the end. Certainly the Cubs would wet the bed their share of times as well but they’re not the big-time pup that would need to win the majority of the time.

Is Casey Coleman good? No he’s really not and I do admit that Daniel Hudson has a fairly high ceiling as we saw last season making him superior to Coleman. But this current version of the Diamondbacks is just not good and certainly not worthy of laying a chunk of change. I like Young and Upton but like I already said, Arizona is a 75 or so win team and even if the Cubs are going to once again fail to win the World Series they still have enough to win in the desert.

I don’t love Mike Quade’s squad and will fade them every chance I get when they are laying too much. But in this underdog spot to get Soriano, Ramirez, Fukudome and the at least somewhat capable Cubbies plus this much is a semi must play.

Top expert pick on this game: Chicago Cubs from Matt Rivers

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