Blue Jays vs. Yankees Wagering Line Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a baseball pick Tuesday on the Toronto Blue Jays (+159) to the NY Yankees.

Reasoning: CC Sabathia certainly can be lights out but Ricky Romero is no slouch and the Jays have a guy in Jose Bautista who is beyond great right now. Bautista obviously had the insane season last year bombing away and thinking he would repeat that was fairly silly. But as of right now there’s no reason, barring injury, to think otherwise. The guy is a superstar and a righty bat that can get to Sabathia as can Escobar, Hill and a few other quality enough Toronto hitters.

The Yankees are still the superior team with the better pitcher going today and obviously can win this game. Arod, Teixeira, Cano, Swisher and the Bombers have a huge upside despite the mediocre last month or so and will go farther than the Jays after 162 regular season games. But Toronto has been very solid, led by Bautista, and after flexing their muscles last night I’m just fine with grabbing this quality takeback with a very good pitcher in Romero and a potentially potent offense.

Top expert pick on this game: Toronto

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