Kentucky vs. North Carolina and VCU vs. Kansas Elite 8 Odds Picks Up

Final 4 odds will be set at once spread betting picks between Kentucky vs. North Carolina and VCU vs. Kansas are complete. Who covers those Elite 8 games Sunday? The top sports handicappers have the answers.

Here is the breakdown of who is hot and who has the big bets for Sunday. We start with Matt Rivers, who was the winningest handicapper ever—nobody came close—on a large network of sites.

Wow, wow, wow! A 2-0 sweep by a combined one point, amazing. 400,000* Arizona and 200,000* Iona cashed the ticket by the slimmest of margins but cashed the ticket they did in the end and I’ll take it. That’s now 16 winning days in the past 21 days and a whopping 4.2 million* of profit. Every single thing that I have touched of late has turned to gold, save Marquette the other night, and the roll of a lifetime continues right here and now.

Another major 400,000* release is here between Kentucky and North Carolina along with another 200,000* involving VCU and Kansas. 2-0? Of course!

Now to the all-time winningest sports service GodsTips. The bookmakers are still paying for the BYU-Florida going over in OT. Godstips has nailed every NCAA Tournament pick since that night. Get the VCU-Kansas side selection now. Some of you remember it as GodsPicks from the scorephone days of JD of the Amazing Cadillac Club.

It’s not just about betting March Madness. It’s a big NBA spread card too. A worldwide sports gambling alert has just been issued. Last Monday, the Canadian Crew unleashed the NBA Best Bet of the Year on the San Antonio Spurs and they toasted the bookies. The latest dispatch is because Sunday they have a winner just as big. Totally as big.

Injuries, roster turmoil, and playoff preparation all factor into the Canadian Sports Crew’s NBA Total of the Year. Get ready to take this winning ticket to the window, because it also includes a powerful March Madness pick from the syndicate advisors. Sunday is a great card and it’s a crying shame if you are not part of it.

Last but certainly not least is the forensic sports handicapping founder Stevie Vincent. Not only does revolutionary handicapper Stevie Vincent have the Kentucky and North Carolina side, but it’s also the biggest day in history for NBA totals. Get three Level 5 NBA over/under winners in addition to the Big Dance.

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