Free Pick: 76ers vs. Bulls From Matt Rivers Handicapper Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a spread pick winner for Monday is on the Philadelphia 76ers (+10) at Chicago.

Derrick Rose and the Bulls have been virtually, if not literally, the best team in the NBA for a little while now. Chicago is rocking and rolling and playing amazing ball of late. Meanwhile the 76ers just lost an overtime game at home against the lowly Kings yesterday. So how can I back the team that has far less going for them and with them playing on the road? Because Doug Collins has done a great job this season and Philadelphia should be a little steamed after looking as bad as they did yesterday.

Thaddeus Lewis and Lou Williams were horrific in that last game shooting something like a combined 3-for-23. All in all the 6ers played one of their worst games in a long time and I expect them to be more focused here against a Bulls team that has caught a lot of people’s attention. More times than not when guys shoot as bad as that they come back to form in the next game. You’ll also see guys who shoot the lights out one game and then regress mightily in that next game. Call it the Law of averages, call OT whatever, it just happens more times than not.

I cannot possibly say much negative about a red-hot Bulls team that is 53-19 so I’m not. I will say though that Chicago has played back-to-back subpar games against Memphis and Milwaukee and could have lost both of them if not for some Rose heroics in the end.

Philadelphia is a good enough team coming off of an embarrassing loss to cover this double-digit number and I’ll therefore take my chances on Iggy, Jrue and the competent enough visitors.

Top expert pick on this game: Matt Rivers with Philadelphia

For more information: Things have been phenomenal of late with of course a small bump on the road every now and then. More winning today as I smack around that Crookie some more. Two plays and two winners. A 300,000* from the Association involving Boston and Indiana along with a 200,000* Oregon and Creighton. 2-0 sweep? You bet you. Click now to purchase

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