Elite 8 Free Pick: Butler vs. Florida

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Saturday is on Butler (+4) to Florida.

Reasoning: It’s as if people do not buy into Brad Stevens and Butler and continually beat their head against the wall fading the Bulldogs and come up short game after game after game. Yes Florida is the more talented and deeper team but every Butler opponent seems to have that advantage and it just doesn’t matter. Stevens is a phenomenal coach and his guys play grind it out defense and frustrate every team they play, no matter who and no matter where. It’s not a ton of points in this spot, I admit that, but these guys just continue to win games no matter the number or the situation or whatever.

Gordon Hayward is gone and that took a toll earlier in the season as the Bulldogs lost a bunch of games they shouldn’t have. But right now things have been extremely rosy and after just upsetting a pretty darn solid Wisconsin team after semi shocking top seed Pitt I will take my chances on Butler to continue this two run of success.

Matt Howard is a beast down low and Shelvin Mack is a high quality point guard. Throw in Vanzant and Norad and a few others and until the ‘Dogs come up short they are a total must play.

Billy Donovan is no slouch and his Gators are extremely deep and a team that has many quality pieces with Parsons, Walker, Boynton, Macklin and on and on. When these teams get off of the bus Florida looks like the better team for sure but that is always the case with Butler and hasn’t meant a hill of beans to this point.

The world will once again probably be on Florida and I will be more than happy in taking a Butler team that just continues to get the job done no matter the situation.

Top expert pick on this game: Matt Rivers Butler

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