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February 23, 2011

Matt Rivers Free Sports Pick: Spurs vs. Thunder

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Thunder vs. Spurs Preview (video) Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a pick for Wednesday and it’s on the Oklahoma City Thunder (+7) at San Antonio.

I admit that playing on a back-to-back here with travel against the rested 46-10 Spurs is not going to be an easy task. But with that said I am completely under the belief that we are going to start seeing a tired worn down San Antonio team as these guys are not young and are not going to have nearly the second half like they did in the first.

The Spurs big three of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker are still very good and very capable. There are also other pieces like Blair and Neal and Jefferson that can look really good on any given night. Greg Popovich’ team will compete and be there competing for the title but I am not all in with them and think they are going to start to falter a bit. In other words they are just not 46-10 type good, no how no way.

Oklahoma State did just play at home against the Clippers last night and are the more fatigued team of these two. But when you have a litmus type test like this and have the young and talented personnel like they do I can’t help but grab around seven or so points and take my chances. The legs may be a big tired but playing against the best team in the league in San Antonio provides enough motivation to somewhat counteract that.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are as good as they come and all in all the Thunder are not a team that anybody will want to play come playoff time. These guys are a total x factor of a team that can be great and the next dynasty. That may be a bit much and not even all that relevant here in this one particular game but whenever I can get this much with this team I’m going to make a play on them, end of story.

Top expert pick on this game: Oklahoma City

For more information: It was A perfect 2-0 sweep on Tuesday including a whopping 700,000* of profit as both the 400,000* on Michigan State and 300,000* on Louisville cashed those tickets with total ease. Not bad when the teams you fade combine for 85 total points!

Wow, I am loving a pair of dogs today along with one way, way, way too cheap chalk! I’m talking about teams that are ridiculously undervalued and it is going to show going away. A pair of pups that are about to have a tremendous amount of bite and cover their respective games by the bare minimum of seven points plus a 300,000* chalk that is winning going away in an easy cover. Two pups, one favorite and a full million* of profit are on the table. I’m once again snatching it all. Who else is Rivers betting?

February 22, 2011

Triple Crown Horse Racing Odds 2011: Uncle Mo, Dialed in, To Honour and Serve, and the Factor

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The first leg of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby 2011 early lines have already been posted at SportsBook. Uncle Mo, Dialed in, To Honour and Serve, and the Factor lead the early odds.

Uncle Mo +400
Dialed In +900
To Honour And Serve +900
The Factor +1000
Mucho Macho Man +1500
Brethren +1500
Soldat +1900
Elite Alex +2000
J Ps Gusto +2000
Machen +2000
Jaycito +2000
Comma to the Top +2500
Archarcharch +2500
Anthonys Cross +3000
Astrology +3000
Rogue Romance +3000
Silver Medallion +3000
Santiva +3500
Sway Away +3500
Da Ruler +4000
Free Entry +4000
Cool Blue Red Hot +4000
Gourmet Dinner +4000
Eminent Tale +4000
Indian Winter +4500
Stay Thirsty +4500
Heron Lake +5000
Monzon +5000
Premier Pregasus +5000
Wilkinson +5000
Tobys Corner +5500
Runflatout +5500
Black N Beauty +5500
Sweet Ducky +5500
Alternation +5800
Decisive Moment +6000
Rocking Out +6500
Tiz Blessed +7000
Willcox Inn +7500
Biondetti +7500
Crossbow +8000
Madman Diaries +8000
Riveting Reason +8000
Washintons Rules +8000
Blue Laser +8000
Calebs Posse +8000
Aces N Kings +8000
Smash +8000
Sovereign Default +8000
Zaidan +8000
Awesome Patriot +8000
Free Pourin +8000
Maybesomaybenot +9000

NFL Combine Odds Are Posted

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How serious is the NFL combine to draftnicks? It can’t be much more serious than it is to bettors. SportsBook has these odds for the combine.

2011 NFL Scouting Combine Props ( used for player positions and results)
02/25/11 300 Both Players Must Compete in event for action OFF OFF OFF
12:00 ET Both Players Must Compete in event for action OFF OFF OFF
Best 40 Yard Dash Time by Any Player at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine (Seconds)
02/25/11 305 Over 4.30 seconds +105 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 4.30 seconds -135 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 310 Cam Newton -110 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Tyrod Taylor -120 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 315 Blaine Gabbert -150 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Ryan Mallett +120 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 320 Jake Locker -145 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Christian Ponder +115 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 325 Mark Ingram -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Ryan Williams -115 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 330 Kendall Hunter -105 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Jacquizz Rodgers -125 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 335 AJ Green -150 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Julio Jones +120 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 340 Patrick Peterson -180 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Prince Amukamara +140 OFF OFF
Player to Record the Fastest 40 Yard Dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 345 DaQuan Bowers -155 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Nick Fairley +125 OFF OFF
Cam Newton – Fastest Time in the 40 Yard Dash will be Over/Under 4.60 seconds
02/25/11 361 Over 4.60 seconds +105 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 4.60 seconds -135 OFF OFF
Mark Ingram – Fastest Time in the 40 Yard Dash will be Over/Under 4.46 seconds
02/25/11 365 Over 4.46 seconds -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 4.46 seconds -115 OFF OFF
AJ Green – Fastest Time in the 40 Yard Dash will be Over/Under 4.45 seconds
02/25/11 370 Over 4.45 seconds even OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 4.45 seconds -130 OFF OFF
Nick Fairley – Fastest Time in the 40 Yard Dash will be Over/Under 4.90 seconds
02/25/11 375 Over 4.90 seconds -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 4.90 seconds -115 OFF OFF
Cam Newton – Highest Vertical Jump will be Over/Under 37.5 inches
02/25/11 385 Over 37.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 37.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
Mark Ingram – Highest Vertical Jump will be Over/Under 38.5 inches
02/25/11 390 Over 38.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 38.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
Patrick Peterson – Highest Vertical Jump will be Over/Under 39.5 inches
02/25/11 395 Over 39.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Under 39.5 inches -115 OFF OFF
Player to Record Most Bench Presses at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 405 Mark Ingram -140 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Daniel Thomas +110 OFF OFF
Player to Record Most Bench Presses at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 410 Ryan Williams -115 OFF OFF
12:00 ET DeMarco Murray -115 OFF OFF
Player to Record Most Bench Presses at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 415 AJ Green even OFF OFF
12:00 ET Julio Jones -130 OFF OFF
Player to Record Most Bench Presses at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 420 Nate Solder -125 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Gabe Carimi -105 OFF OFF
Player to Record Most Bench Presses at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 425 DaQuan Bowers -125 OFF OFF
12:00 ET Adrian Clayborn -105 OFF OFF
Most Bench Presses by Any Player at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine
02/25/11 435 Bench Presses OFF OFF Over 42.5 (-115)
12:00 ET Bench Presses OFF OFF Under 42.5 (-115)
Highest Vertical Jump by Any Player at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine (Inches)
02/25/11 445 Vertical Jump OFF OFF Over 41.5 (-140)
12:00 ET Vertical Jump OFF OFF Under 41.5 (+110)

NBA Picks Hawks vs. Lakers

Filed under: Sports Betting News | — Administrator @ 3:33 PM Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a winner Tuesday on the Atlanta Hawks (+7.5) at the LA Lakers.

Sure I’ll grab around a touchdown with the boys from Hotlanta. The Hawks are good enough to compete with anybody in this league and that includes the Lakers at Staples. I’m really not all that afraid of Kobe and the struggling big bad Lakers. Things have not been great of late, with the three straight losses, and something is just off right now with Phil Jackson’s squad. Los Angeles has played some really questionable games of late and now after all of the hoopla of the All-Star game including Kobe earning another MVP award I can see a little bit of fatigue along with a letdown from the defending champs.

The Hawks aren’t going to win the championship but they are a tough squad that very well may better the 53-win season from a season ago. Joe Johnson and Al Horford were All-Stars and throw in a guy that plays like an All-Star in Josh Smith plus Jamal Crawford and a few others and I 100% expect the visitors to come after the defending champions. Teams get up for big games like this and therefore I can see the Hawks hanging a little extra giddy up in the tank. This is the Lakers in front of all of the celebrities and stars in LA. What more motivation can a team draw? Maybe playing at Madison Square Garden, maybe, but that is about it.

Kobe and the gang have dropped three in a row and that included the shocking upset loss in Cleveland to end the first half. One could say that the break came at a right time for the champs but I’m not so sure and somewhat believe this team may be just a little bit off and, break or no break, will continue to be a little bit off.

Top expert pick on this game: Atlanta from Matt Rivers

For more information: It was a terrible call on UTEP on Monday, no excuses. I was as wrong as wrong could be in that thing. It happens. Moving forward and continuing the domination of the Crookie here and now as I Raise that Bar with a 400,000* major release from Minnesota in this semi elimination game between the Spartans and Golden Gophers. Both squads have struggled and one more loss for either could spell doom. Who shows up? One team for sure that I can tell you. Also get a bonus 300,000* from the Big East involving Louisville and Rutgers. 2-0 sweep and another 700,000* of profit, end of story! Rivers redemption comes tonight

Now to the rest of the NBA odds:

Tue 2/22 501 Toronto Raptors +7 -110 +244 OVER 195.5 -101
04:05 PM 502 Charlotte Bobcats -7 +100 -275 UNDER 195.5 -109
Tue 2/22 503 Indiana Pacers -1 -105 -109 OVER 207.5 -105
04:05 PM 504 Washington Wizards +1 -105 -101 UNDER 207.5 -105
Tue 2/22 505 Houston Rockets -1.5 -105 -114 OVER 201.5 -105
04:35 PM 506 Detroit Pistons +1.5 -105 +103 UNDER 201.5 -105
Tue 2/22 507 Sacramento Kings +13 -103 +1025 OVER 204 -105
04:35 PM 508 Miami Heat -13 -107 -1450 UNDER 204 -105
Tue 2/22 509 Los Angeles Clippers +8.5 -101 +377 OVER 208 -105
05:05 PM 510 Oklahoma City Thunder -8.5 -109 -440 UNDER 208 -105
Tue 2/22 511 Minnesota Timberwolves +8 -103 +334 OVER 196 -105
05:05 PM 512 Milwaukee Bucks -8 -107 -385 UNDER 196 -105
Tue 2/22 513 Memphis Grizzlies -1 -107 OVER 204 -103
06:05 PM 514 Denver Nuggets +1 -103 UNDER 204 -107
Tue 2/22 515 Atlanta Hawks +7.5 -107 +281 OVER 188.5 -110
07:35 PM 516 Los Angeles Lakers -7.5 -103 -320 UNDER 188.5 +100
Tue 2/22 517 Boston Celtics -4.5 -103 -187 OVER 198.5 -103
07:35 PM 518 Golden State Warriors +4.5 -107 +168 UNDER 198.5 -107

February 21, 2011

ESPN: Villanova-Syracuse Free Pick Against the Spread

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The ESPN college basketball schedule has two great games for fans and sports bettors alike: Syracuse at Villanova and Oklahoma State at Kansas. Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has the ESPN winner on Syracuse (+4) over Villanova.

It’s kind of funny how neither Villanova nor Syracuse is trustworthy anymore as the last month or so has been extremely mediocre for both so to be honest with you I could see either team win this thing. Going on the road is never easy but Villanova just is not that good right now and to get any points against the scuffling Wildcats is more than fine with me.

The start to the season for Jim Boeheim’s boys was awesome and probably a bit overachieving but the ‘Cuse is a better team than they have been showing in the leaner times of late, that I can promise you. Kris Joseph, Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine and the rest of the visitors will come to play today and it’s not like they are up against a Villanova team that is rocking and rolling at all.

Jay Wright’s squad has regressed mightily of late and if not for Corey Fisher would truly not even be that good. The Wildcats were just outplayed by a pretty bad DePaul squad and were lucky to win as the dozen-point favorite in overtime. I can’t toot the Orange horn in their last game all that much as they needed overtime at home against Rutgers as the similar chalk but in all honesty these teams pretty much mirror each other right now and all in all this game is a toss up.

‘Nova has failed to cover any of their last four games and have actually lost outright in half of their past eight. The debacle of a defeat at Rutgers did not help this team’s psyche and since then things have gone from bad to worse. Syracuse at least has shown some life after that four game losing streak as they have won four of their last six and appear to be headed in the right direction or at least a little more so than Villanova.

This game is not the lock of my life as it’s a pair of teams that jumped out of the great in fine form and have been very mediocre of late and the always-important home court edge goes to them. But in the end this thing is very 50-50 and to get around a handful is enough for me.

Top expert pick on this game: Syracuse

For more information: Please note that this Central Florida-UTEP game is a day game, 1:00 to be exact so come and get it ASAP.

I’m still feeling great and am ready to rock n roll with another 300,000* winner from El Paso between the Golden Knights and Miners. I’ve banged home four of the last five 300,000* plays and am about to make it five of the last six. I’m talking here about either an outright or a burial meaning a UTEP smacking or a UCF quality upset victory. Ride me baby! Matt Rivers card is up

Here is the complete odds rundown for tonight in college basketball:

701 Syracuse +4 -108 +159 OVER 135.5 -108
04:00 PM 702 Villanova -4 -102 -177 UNDER 135.5 -108
703 Valparaiso OVER 137 -108
05:00 PM 704 Wisc Green Bay UNDER 137 -108
705 Oklahoma State +17 -105 +1500 OVER 145 -108
06:00 PM 706 Kansas -17 -105 -2600 UNDER 145 -108
707 Samford +19 -103 OVER 135 -108
04:00 PM 708 Coll Charleston -19 -107 UNDER 135 -108
709 Furman -4.5 -105 -195 OVER 142 -108
04:00 PM 710 Tennessee Chat +4.5 -105 +175 UNDER 142 -108
711 Western Carolina -3.5 -105 -162 OVER 152 -108
04:00 PM 712 NC Greensboro +3.5 -105 +146 UNDER 152 -108
721 MD Eastern Shore OVER 141 -108
06:00 PM 722 Morgan State UNDER 141 -108
723 Ark Pine Bluff OVER 128.5 -108
04:00 PM 724 Prairie View A&M UNDER 128.5 -108
725 Kent State pk -101 OVER 139.5 -108
04:00 PM 726 Western Michigan pk -109 UNDER 139.5 -108
727 Central Florida +7.5 -101 +297 OVER 130.5 -108

February 20, 2011

Georgia Tech vs. Duke Free Sports Pick, Daytona 500 Odds

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Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson top the odds to win the Daytona 500.

The NBA All-Star Game odds has the East -2 with a total of 269.5 and it’s a big day in college basketball betting. Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a winner Sunday on Georgia Tech (+21) at Duke.

Reasoning: This write-up is actually going to be pretty funny because all signs will point to me liking Duke. Georgia Tech is inferior in every single category bar none and it’s not even close. But the problem with this game is that the number is just too much, even for a regressing Georgia Tech team that has next to nothing going for them right now.

Nolan Smith has been awesome and the Dookies overall are heads and shoulders better than the Yellow Jackets, there is zero debate at all there. Paul Hewitt is turning into an underachieving disgrace and without Brian Oliver the boys from Hotlanta are one of the worst teams in the entire ACC right now. I would say that only a dismal Wake Forest team is worse.

Smith, Kyle Singler, the Plumlee brothers, Seth Curry and the rest of Coach K’s squad may be up going away by 20 at the half. After all Virginia Tech last week raced out to the huge lead and pummeled these same Jackets. So if anybody believes that Tech has any sort of a chance to keep this thing close then I would say that they are beyond crazy. With that said though everybody seems to somewhat get up for Duke and I do not believe that this current version of the Blue Devils is truly all that. These guys were outplayed at home last week by a good but nothing more North Carolina team and truly are not as great as the 24-2 overall mark would indicate.

Iman Shumpert has been playing some lights out ball for the Jackets and even though his team stinks they did at least come into this thing off of the victory against Chattanooga and to get three touchdowns plus in-conference, even at Cameron Indoor, is going to prove to be a few too many.

This may not be a fun game to back the dog in because they have no shot whatsoever to even keep it relatively close. We may see a 55-35 laugher at some point but even so this gargantuan number should just still be too much in the end.

Top expert pick on this game: Georgia Tech from the real Matt Rivers of

For more information: Some absolutely horrific luck yesterday as the big play on Arizona went from a 12 point second half lead when only laying 2 ½ to a one point victory and non-cover that including a crushing turnover with three seconds remaining on a can’t mess up in-bounds pass. In the end it’s a loss and I’m man enough to admit it and move on. Stuff happens, I’m still the best and will prove it in another 2-0 sweep of the board right now.

Two plays today, a 400,000* winner involving Clemson and Miami plus a 300,000* on Penn State and Wisconsin. Do you doubt me? I hope not for your sake! Click now to purchase

Now to the latest Daytona 500 odds.

101 Kevin Harvick +814
102 Tony Stewart +1108
103 Dale Earnhardt Jr +1199
104 Kyle Busch +1199
105 Jamie McMurray +1268
106 Jeff Gordon +1146
107 Jimmie Johnson +1590
108 Denny Hamlin +1590
109 Clint Bowyer +1327
110 Kurt Busch +1199
111 Jeff Burton +1321
112 Carl Edwards +1983
113 Kasey Kahne +2630
114 Matt Kenseth +3048
115 Greg Biffle +3049
116 Juan Montoya +3281
117 Mark Martin +3649
118 Joey Logano +3931
119 Ryan Newman +4286
120 Brian Vickers +5232
121 David Reutimann +5232
122 Martin Truex Jr +5232
123 Brad Keselowski +3564
124 The Field

February 19, 2011

ESPN NCAA Basketball Predictions: Pittsburgh Vs. St. John’s

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It’s starts out the ESPN college basketball schedule and it starts out the winning weekend. Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Saturday is on Pittsburgh (-3.5) at St. John’s.

Reasoning: I am a huge St. John’s fan and I love what Steve Lavin has brought to the table and in such a small amount of time. The Red Storm are not a fluke at all as one upset could be deemed that but game after game after game from Georgetown to Duke to West Virginia on the road and on and on this team has manned up and proven to be a very good and legit team.  The Johnnies are an experienced senior laden team that just continues to grow and get better with every passing day. Today they are a home dog, which is never terrible, but it is my opinion that they have met their match and are up against it against the clearly superior Panthers.

Jamie Dixon just continues to impress the heck out of me. His teams never seem to be the most talented and loaded of squads but yet season after season they overachieve to the max. The Panthers have lost a fair amount of pro talent recently in guys like Aaron Gray and DeJuan Blair among others causing the doubters to come out in the beginning of almost every season and yet the coach almost always has his boys there at the top.

We are currently looking at yet another very well disciplined Pitt squad that just does not beat itself. Gibbs, Wannamaker and McGhee have led the way and even with Gibbs out this 24-2 squad was still able to go on the road at West Virginia and Villanova and win big-time ballgames. How many teams without their main man can pull that off? The last game against South Florida wasn’t great but it was still a fairly easy 12 point victory in the end which great teams seem to do.

Pitt is actually perfect on the road this season as the two losses came at home to Tennessee and Notre Dame and with Gibbs expected to return I just don’t see Lou Carnesecca’s former team being able to put another quality notch in their belt.

The Johnnies will fight and stay in this thing but Pittsburgh is just too good right now.

Top expert pick on this game:  It’s almost becoming too easy as the lone play on Friday, a 300,000* on Princeton, cashed that ticket once again in pretty much wire-to-wire fashion. I’ve now bashed that Crookie for 1.7 million* of profit in the last four days alone, all winning, which includes the 6-1 overall run.

Am I satisfied? Heck no! Today is the day of all days and just another example of how I am the best ‘capper there is on this entire planet. Four monster plays including the most powerful and biggest gun in my arsenal, a 500,000* bomb involving Washington and Arizona. Bonus 300,000* also in the Pac-10 on Washington State and Arizona State plus a pair of 200,000* winners including Seton Hall-Marquette and Northwestern-Indiana. I am red hot and as locked and loaded today as I have ever been, and I mean ever. Get Rivers historic card

February 18, 2011

Penn vs. Brown Free Pick

Filed under: Sports Betting News | — Administrator @ 5:30 PM Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a pick Friday is on Penn (-2) at Brown.

I’m not going to write a novel here because this one play is good but certainly nothing that I am going to rave for days about. Penn has dropped four in a row and is most definitely not the team from the 1990’s with Matt Maloney and Jerome Allen but I do like the Quakers this season as they have improved from the garbage they were last year. Zach Rosen, Jack Eggleston and Tyler Bernardini are pretty good ballplayers and even on the road I definitely believe that Penn is better than Brown. Therefore such a small number is a decent enough value. Allen is now the coach and has actually done all right, even if the 9-12 record hasn’t fully shown it.

Penn has lost four in a row, which is never good, but it’s not as if they have been dreadful by any means. These guys did struggle a bit in the last two losses at Columbia and Cornell but the previous pair of games were solid enough covers against the conference’ elite in Harvard and Princeton. An upside is there and more times than not that upside will prevail in this spot against what is still not a very good Brown team, no matter how improved.

The Bears have looked better this season as well and they have won half of their last four games. But when push comes to shove they are just not as talented as Penn and in order to cover it pretty much takes just an outright victory and I’m thinking that is not going to be the case.

Top expert pick on this game: Matt Rivers has Penn

For more information: The going is getting really good as I did it one more time yesterday. 300,000* Arizona cashes the ticket along with the 200,000* on NC State outright! A 5-1 run and 1.4 million* of profit over the last three days alone and it increases today for absolute sure.

One play, one 300,000* Ivy League winner. I’m sizzling right now and ready to roll into the weekend on another winning note. Sing with me baby! Click now to purchase

February 17, 2011

American League MVP 2011 Odds

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The MLB futures for the 2i011 American League MVP are especially intriguing with some big names finding new teams and figuring to contend for the coveted award. Let’s handicap the top 10.

1.         Miguel Cabrera

Sportsbook odds: +400

Miggy is well on his way to a Hall-of-Fame career. The Tigers slugger has at least 103 RBI in all seven of his full pro seasons; at least 30 homers in six of seven full pro seasons; and a .320 batting average or better in five of his last six season. 2010 was his best year yet, as he set career highs with 38 homers and drove in 127 runs. He should have better protection with Victor Martinez joining Detroit’s lineup so Cabrera is a fine pick to win the AL MVP.

VERDICT: Contender

2.         Adrian Gonzalez

Sportsbook odds: +500

The MLB betting community is finally about to find out how good this guy is. Adrian Gonzalez was a perennial 40-homer threat playing in baseball’s worst hitter’s park in a popgun lineup with the San Diego Padres. Now he goes to Boston? Scary. On the road the last two years over 602 at-bats, basically a full season, A-Gonz hit .311 with 48 homers and 122 RBI. That’s exactly the type of year I expect him to have.

VERDICT: Contender

3.         Evan Longoria

Sportsbook odds: +700

It’s only a matter of time before Evan Longoria wins an MVP award. The 25-year-old is the total package and still has room to get better. Still – he hasn’t vaulted into the same echelon as a slugger like Miguel Cabrera. Miggy has bested Longoria’s numbers every year and even he still hasn’t won an MVP yet. So Longoria may have to wait a bit longer.

VERDICT: Sleeper

4.         Josh Hamilton

Sportsbook odds: +800

There’s no doubting Josh Hamilton’s all-world talent. He put it all together last year, hitting .350 with 30-plus homers and 100 RBI in just 133 games. But Hamilton hasn’t posted back-to-back healthy seasons in his career. His games played over four seasons: 90, 156, 89, 133. We can’t trust him this year.

VERDICT: Pretender

5.         Joe Mauer

Sportsbook odds: +1000

The 2009 AL MVP is probably the best pure hitter on the planet – but his 28-homer MVP season really looks like an outlier. He has one other 13-homer season and has single-digit homer totals every other year. I’m not sure he has the power to steal the award a second time.

VERDICT: Pretender

6.         Mark Teixeira

Sportsbook odds: +1200

Tex only battled .256 last season but you know you’re good when 33 homers and 108 RBI qualify as a “down” season. He still topped Josh Hamilton in both those categories. Teixeira is still young enough – 31 on April 11 – that his career year could still be ahead of him. He has a shot at the MVP this year.

VERDICT: Contender

7.         Alex Rodriguez

Sportsbook odds: +1500

Now 35 years old, A-Rod is almost certainly past his prime. He’s also missing more time than he used to as his creaky hip starts to get the better of him. Still – he drove in a whopping 125 runs with no one even noticing him last year. We can’t count him out of the MVP race just yet.

VERDICT: Sleeper

8.         Robinson Cano

Sportsbook odds: +1800

A third straight Yankee to appear on this sports betting blog list, Cano was the MVP choice over Josh Hamilton in many people’s eyes last year. He’s far more durable and an outstanding hitter at a traditionally thin offensive position. His game reached a new height last season and could stay there.

VERDICT: Contender

9.         Justin Morneau

Sportsbook odds: +2000

Whenever Justin Morneau plays, he contends for the MVP award. He had a monster season going in 2010 before a concussion derailed him. But we have to relegate him to sleeper status for 2011 since we can’t know for sure that he’ll return from the serious injury without a hitch.

VERDICT: Sleeper

10.       Kevin Youkilis

Sportsbook odds: +2500

If people voted on who they simply wanted to win the award, Youk would probably win. He’s a beloved player for his team play, batting eye, power and defense. But are there too many cooks in the kitchen? He has to contend with MVP candidates Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and 2008 winner Dustin Pedroia on his own team.

VERDICT: Sleeper

American League MVP free pick

Miguel Cabrera’s numbers are difficult to ignore and guys like Longoria and Cano seem ready to make the next jump. However, I’m a believer in Adrian Gonzalez. He’s a phenomenal talent long overdue to be recognized as one of the game’s best. I think it all comes together for him in 2011.

Bulls vs. Spurs on TNT Betting Picks

Filed under: Sports Betting News | — Administrator @ 4:46 PM Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA winner Thursday is on the Chicago Bulls (-2) hosting San Antonio.

Two of the more impressive and surprising teams in the entire NBA tangle in the windy city on Thursday and I’m just fine with the home Bulls at around this pick-em number.

I certainly will give the experienced and really good Spurs a ton of credit for what they have accomplished this season but I’m truly not all in on Greg Popovich’ boys. I really think that San Antonio has peaked too early this season and it’s going to cost them down the line when the real games are here. Of course Duncan, Ginobili and Parker are still very capable as the 9 losses all season long can attest to but they are not a team that scares me all that much. I am in awe of the 46-9 record but I also believe that this team is going to hit a bit of a wall in the near future creating a ton of inherent value in their lines when faded.

Derrick Rose has blown up into superstar status and Carlos Boozer has been really good once again as well. Chicago is 36-16 right now and being lost in the mix because of the Heat and Celtics going toe-to-toe. But don’t look now the Bulls are right there for the best spot in the East and with the way they have fared why not?

The Spurs are playing the final game of their 9 game road trip tonight and with their age in no way, shape or form can be anything close to fresh. They have had a few days off which will help but they have been living out of a suitcase now for a few weeks and there is just no way they are going to put their best foot forward in what may be the toughest game of the entire trip.

Da Bulls have won six in a row at home and lucky number seven is here.

Top expert pick on this game: Chicago

For more information: Matt Rivers nails a 400,000* Purdue and 200,000* Michigan took care of business last night as I continue to absolutely obliterate that Crookie. Things have really been solid of late and more of the same right here and now as I take care of business yet again in another 2-0 sweep. 300,000* Washington State-Arizona along with a 200,000* Clemson-NC State. If you’re not going to ride the hot hand then you might as well just get off the bus. I’m winning for sure on Thursday, are you? Rivers card is up

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