Saturday News and Notes

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Saturday, July 29, 2006


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Pittsburgh over all four with Gorzelanny

Colorado under 12-6 with Francis

Boston Beckett 13-5 personal record

Baltimore Chen 0-6 personal, 2-8 team record,
home ERA 7.34

Cleveland 7-13 with Westbrook

Atlanta Hudson 4-0 team record to Mets

Wright 5-13 team record to Pittsburgh

Oakland Zito 7-2 team
record to Toronto

Minnesota Radke 17-3
personal mark to Detroit

San Diego Young 8-1 team mark on the road, 2.47
road ERA

LAA Weaver 5-0 road
personal mark, 2.33 road ERA

Seattle Washburn 1-6 personal road record


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the

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Friday Godspicks

Friday, July 28, 2006 

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WASHINGTON (ARMAS +110) Los Angeles

has won six straight and 8-of-10.  LA has
lost 20-of-27. They’ve lost 1-11 to right-handed starters with a WHIP of 1.300
or better. Hell they’ve flopped in seven straight games as a chalk.

Tony Armas has a very impressive
1.137 WHIP in nine road starts. In three home starts, Billingsley has a 1.957



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Friday News and Notes

Friday, July 28, 2006


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Myers under 12-6

Wells 0-5 personal record

Milton over 10-5

Yanks Wang
11-4 personal record

Boston Lester 5-0 personal record

Minnesota Liriano 12-2 personal record

Washington Armas 4-1
team record to LA

Loaiza 6-3 lifetime team record to Toronto

Florida Nolasco 1-5 team road record, home team
12-2 in his starts


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team record
is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the

Thursday Top Sports Service Plays

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Thursday Godspicks

Thursday, July 27, 2006

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Ø       We are now
95-70 but with 37 dog winners of 125 or more which converts to a “wallet
equivalent” of 119-71.

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ST. LOUIS (WEAVER -137) Cubs (Hill)

We know a lot of top fantasy players, especially many who
use a great site for fantasy and gambling information,, believe Jeff
Weaver has a huge upside now that he is back in the National League.

So far the results have been mediocre, but he is off a
very solid road outing at Chavez Ravine. 
Regardless he has plenty of margin of error
tonight. He goes up against Rich Hill, who sports a 9.31 ERA and 1.966 WHIP.
Chicago has lost
all four of his starts, with Hill being tagged for the decision each time.

The Cubs have lost all seven career starts by Hill. St.
Louis is 13-3 their last 16.  The Cubs
are 25-51 their last 76 overall and 3-18 their last 21 as a home underdog.  

US Civil Liberties Get a Setback

A federal court Wednesday extended until July 31 a temporary restraining order that prohibits BetOnSports PLC, the British online gambling company, from taking bets from the United States.
A hearing on the new order is scheduled for Monday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The new order, signed by Judge Catherine Perry, extends a July 17 order that was set to expire after 10 days.
The temporary order is part of a civil case brought by the U.S. government to stop U.S. betting with BetOnSports. In addition, the FBI instructed telephone companies to stop providing phone service to BetOnSports.
The U.S. government also has filed a criminal case and 22-count indictment accusing BetOnSports of fraudulently taking bets from U.S. residents by phone and the Internet and failing to pay excise taxes.
As part of the criminal case, BetOnSports’ Chief Executive David Carruthers, was arrested July 16 during a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. BetOnSports announced Tuesday it had ended his employment as a result of his “continued detention by U.S. authorities.”
Ten others were named in the indictment, including Gary Kaplan, the BetOnSports founder, who has not been apprehended.
From the Associated Press

Thursday News and Notes

Thursday, July 27, 2006


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San Francisco over 13-5 with Cain

St. Louis Weaver 3-11 personal and 5-12 team record

Cubs Hill 0-4 personal and team records 9.31 ERA

KC is 2-6 with Hernandez

Washington Hernandez 1-5 team record lifetime to
San Francisco

Florida Olsen 4-1 personal road and 6-3 team
road records

San Diego Williams 5-0 team road record

Baltimore Lopez 
7.17 ERA, 2-6 team road road



Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the