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NBA Free Pick, Plus Where to Get Niners-Packers, Titans-Chiefs Bets

Big day for Joe Duffy clients! Yep another splendid football season that starting with a bang in preseason, winds down with a side sweep. Both Conference Championship Game sides plus night college basketball. Nobody has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL for decades.  Get the picks now

Free NBA pick:

SAN ANTONIO +1 Miami at MYBookie

This is a great example of using the oddsmaker’s knowledge against them. Miami is 29-12 SU, while San Antonio is 17-23. Miami should be substantial road favorites, right? As I have said many times, the single most deceptive stat when handicapping games ATS is the straight up record. 

Home favorite or small underdog despite significantly inferior record are 271-173-6. 

NBA Sharp Betting Report, Consensus Bets, Sportsbook Liabilities

Wednesday NBA sharp betting report. Who is the public liking and who are the sharps going with? OffshoreInsiders.comgives you all the details. 

Top expert pick on today’s card is from Joe Duffy. Sweeeeeeeeeep! Sweeeeeeeeep! Of course the Grandmaster sweeps the board with Clippers, plus Nats OVER. I have two more NBA sides.  It is using the metrics that are unbeatable in the first 2-3 games of the season. Get the picks now

Biggest public consensus in term of percentage of bets: Chicago, Orlando 

Most lopsided bets in term of percentage of money and biggest sportsbook liabilities: Minnesota OVER 

Sharp versus square metrics AKA pros versus Joes: Washington, Phoenix 

The college football and NFL sharp reports are coming tomorrow, so do not miss at JoeDuffy.net  

NBA Draft Betting Props; Something For All Draftnicks

While it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Zion Williamson and Ja Morant will be the top draft picks on Thursday, there are other unknowns carrying closer-to-even odds.

SportsBetting has posted a plethora of prop bets for the 2019 NBA Draft. 

People can wager on where certain players will be selected, draft day trades, foreign players and more.

OffshoreInsiders.com is the place for ATS picks and over unders, but for draft gurus, time to make big money.

Will the New Orleans Pelicans trade the No. 4 pick?
Yes -200
No +150

Will a player selected in Round 1 attend the draft?
Yes -150
No +120

How many trades will there be on Draft Day? (trades prior to June 20 do not count)
Over 4.5 (+110)
Under 4.5 (-140)

How many foreign-born (non-U.S.) players will be drafted during Round 1?
Over 8.5
Under 8.5

Player taken No. 1 overall 
Zion Williamson -10000
Field +2000

Player taken No. 2 overall 
Ja Morant -5000
Field +1500

Jarrett Culver draft position
Over 5.5
Under 5.5

Cam Reddish draft position
Over 7.5
Under 7.5

De’Andre Hunter draft position
Over 5.5
Under 5.5

Coby White draft position
Over 7.5
Under 7.5

Jaxson Hayes draft position
Over 11.5
Under 11.5

Brandon Clarke draft position
Over 13.5
Under 13.5

Tyler Herro draft position
Over 17.5
Under 17.5

Bol Bol draft position
Over 20.5
Under 20.5


Darius Garland draft position
Over 5.5
Under 5.5

Carsen Edwards draft position
Over 29.5
Under 29.5

Keldon Johnson draft position
Over 19.5
Under 19.5

Nassir Little draft position
Over 12.5
Under 12.5

Nickeil Alexander-Walker draft position
Over 15.5
Under 15.5

Romeo Langford draft position
Over 16.5
Under 16.5

Rui Hachimura draft position
Over 12.5
Under 12.5

Sekou Doumbouya draft position
Over 9.5
Under 9.5

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you need anything.

Gambling Secret Revealed: Zig, While Others Zag

The capacity and willingness to think outside the box—counter-intuitive logic—is imperative in sports betting. Zig while the other gamblers zag. It is distinct from contrarian betting, which acknowledges the masses are asses, applying betting data to fade the public.

The intuitive approach is to bet on the hotter and better team. Said method is in part why the public adores risking on favorites. Again, one of the most underlying precepts of sports betting: the line is not a prediction on the outcome of the game. It’s a spread or over-under set based on getting equal action on each side. Thus, bookies inflate numbers when rolling the dice with quality teams playing well.  

Winning gamblers recognize there is a substantial opportunity in wagering with undervalued struggling or bottom rung squads. Here is an example for demonstrative purposes:

Team A is playing at home and is in a streak that is at least nine games better than the road team. The means any combo of team A consecutive wins (six for example) and Team B losses (three to demonstrate) is at least nine. Furthermore, A’s season winning percentage is at least .200 points better.

There is no debate that most gamblers would much more eagerly bet Team A. I added that the inferior team is not a road favorite to weed out outliers like injury, expected to rest key players, etc. As of this writing, the inferior, and the much colder road team is 352-291-8 for a solid 54.7 percent. When odds sharks add other factors, such as rest, margins, etc. many sub-systems are well into the upper 50 and 60 percentile or above.

The stock market adage of sell when others are buying and buy when others are selling is true in betting. The demand bettors make is investing in superior and hotter squads. Such action causes serious rising prices. Bookmakers take advantage of conventional thinkers because that’s what most gamblers are.


I assert it regularly. One of the fundamental principles of gambling is never, ever make a bet based on what is most natural to root for. While JoeyBagadonuts is always going to hit 47-49 percent betting on superior teams and overs, sharps thank him for creating distorted lines and ample windows of opportunity.

The author, Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has been a full-time gambler and handicapper since 1988. He is CEO and anchor of OffshoreInsiders.com, the top sports handicapper site on earth.

Friday Night NBA Inside Betting Information For Gamblers

NBA bullet points to beat Bovada sportsbook. Wow. What a year for the Grandmaster! Um, again. Anyone who cares about full-season winning is locked in long-term, but for those wanting to know who is hot and who has big bets, we are here for you. Four NBA winners led by two Wise Guys. I am 50-29 NBA. Wise Guy plays from Joe Duffy are in near unanimity considered the strongest bet in sports wagering by bookmakers, pro gamblers, oddsmakers, and fellow handicappers alike.  Get the picks now

Weekend NFL is up. Five NFL sides and totals up for the weekend doubleheaders. Three are Wise Guys. Get at least the JDP or Bet it Trinity three-day pick pack or drastically reduced Football Only weekly to access NOW.  Get the picks now  


  • Since 2016 really bad teams a good bet against teams that are not horrible to tune of 326-275-17 (Knicks)
  • Pacers playing fifth straight road game
  • Knicks C Enes Kanter game-time decision
    • Averages 14.4 points per game, 11 rebounds


  • King James is out
  • Point of diminishing return though on two-game win streak but high elevation of Salt Lake
  • Fading big dogs on two-game or more winning streaks is 900-770


  • Substantially worse against the spread team 1761-1540-60
  • Best against the spread versus second worst
  • Difference is 6.3 or more worse teams is 1094-912 (Wizards)
  • Bucks 23-15 this season, far and away league best +3.6
  • Washington 17-25 -2.9


  • Since 2016 really bad teams a good bet against teams that are not horrible to tune of 326-275-17 (Hawks)
  • Road team much worse on road than home team at home 52.7 percent


  • Toronto dichotomous SU and ATS team
    • 31-12 SU, 17-4 at home, but 19-23 against the spread, 0-12 at home


  • Since 2016 really bad teams a good bet against teams that are not horrible to tune of 326-275-17 (Cavs)
  • Rockets will without Chris Paul
  • Favorites of 15 or more with a total of 216 or higher 8-1 (Rockets)
  • Cavs 19-23 against the spread with league worst -3 points per game margin


  • Terrible road teams 1445-1289 on road under specific circumstances that apply today
    • Even better if not getting more than 11.5

Hornets-Trail Blazers

  • Hornets 4th game in 6 game road trip
  • Away dog off against the spread loss as dog versus an opponent off against the spread win a solid play (Charlotte)


  • Since 2016 really bad teams a good bet against teams that are not horrible to tune of 326-275-17 (Bulls)
  • Favorites of 15 or more with a total of 216 or higher 8-1 (Warriors)
  • In history of database home favorites of 14 or more with total of 218 or higher 61.2 percent
  • Away dog off against the spread loss as dog versus an opponent off against the spread win a solid play (Bulls)
  • Bulls top under team in NBA going under 25-15 by -5.1

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NBA Betting Picks Preview For March Madness

NBA preview show with Joe Duffy and Troy West.

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NBA Daily Betting Preview With Sports Betting Review

Joe Duffy and SBR Videos break down tonight’s NBA portfolio.

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