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NBA Daily Betting Preview With Sports Betting Review

Joe Duffy and SBR Videos break down tonight’s NBA portfolio.

Off a 3-0 sweep Joe Duffy’s Picks is rolling. We are 9-1 with all basketball Wise Guy plays, the Hawks the latest. Get NBA and college basketball winners now from the top handicapper in the world. You will not believe the intel we have today. Find out why the oddsmakers want us outlawed. Get the sweep at OffshoreInsiders.com

Top Rated Handicappers Scores and Odds

Top sports gambling preview of Virginia vs. Florida State from SBR Forum and Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy’s Picks has a freight train portfolio for Saturday. Get the Sunbelt Conference Game of the Year among two Wise Guy sides, a Wise Guy total, two college football Majors. We also have two Major play winners. My goodness if 27-years of winning publically going back to when scorephones ruled the sports betting world, then I say thank you for keeping the bookmakers in business for clients of Joe Duffy’s Picks.

Yep, the Kings winning outright makes us 8-2 with NBA sides baby. They were a Wise Guy. We will have NBA in the late morning! Get the picks at OffshoreInsiders.com