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Sportsbooks Online Pray You Ignore This Life-Changing Betting Information

Ooops, we did it again. Wise Guy on Houston makes us 49-15 with all basketball bets. Two NBA sides led by Wise Guy. Wise Guy plays from Joe Duffy are in near unanimity considered the strongest bet in sports wagering by bookmakers, pro gamblers, oddsmakers, and fellow handicappers alike.  

Since the Elite 8, we have swept all but two portfolios when it comes to postseason hoops, college and pro!  MLB Juicy Lucy added. Previously referred as a Dandy Dog, a Juicy Lucy is either a moneyline underdog or runline favorite in which we get at least +140 juice. We changed the name to reflect it includes runline chalk.  Get the picks now


NFL Betting News and Notes From NFL Lock Betting Experts

Here are sports betting news and notes for NFL games of
Sunday, October 28. This NFL betting information is for your football locks in
the early games.


has won 11 straight games going back to last year (includes playoffs). Surprisingly
the Colts are third in the NFL in defense allowing just 269.5 yards per game.
Wide receiver Marvin Harrison has a bruised left knee but is expected to play.
We will update injuries Sunday morning at OffshoreInsiders.com

Carolina is a
perfect 3-0 in the series. However they have not met since 2004. It looks like
43-year-old Vinny Testaverde starts at quarterback for the Panthers.

This is only the Panthers third home game, but is that
good or bad? In a great anomaly, the road team is 6-0 straight up in the
Panthers games this year.


Detroit is
looking to sweep the series for the first time in 2004, but it’s a huge revenge
game for the Bears. Detroit scored
34 fourth quarter points to knock off the Bears on Sept. 30. Chicago
is 5-1 straight up in the series at home. Detroit
is 7-44 straight up their last 51 road games, including 1-2 this year.


Check back Sunday for key injury updates in Tennessee
quarterback Vince Young and running back Chris Brown. Both missed last week’s
game, but practiced Friday. Oakland
has a combined 98 yards rushing in the last two games.

quarterback Josh McNown, who started the first three
games, is expected to be at full-speed. However head coach Lane Kiffin has not said whether he or Daunte
Culpepper will start. Oakland is
3-1 SU in the series.


Injury riddled St. Louis
is 0-7 and averaging just 11.3 points per game. They are though expected to get
back running back Steven Jackson who missed the last four games because of
injury. Jackson
led the league in yards from scrimmage last year. He joins Marc Bulger who
returned last week after missing two games.

Behind quarterback Derek Anderson, the Browns are thinking
playoffs and averaging 27.8 points per game. This is one of three Wise Guy
plays from the top sports service on the planet, GodsTips of OffshoreInsiders.com. Included
is the Inter-Conference Game of the Year. Click now to


scored eight touchdowns to Detroit,
but in all other games they are averaging just 12.0 points per game. According
to Cy McCormick of MasterLockLine.com,
even though Vikings starting QB Tavaris
Jackson is being called a game time decision, Kelly Holcomb is
likely to start.
Jackson has the lowest passer rating and completion percentage
among all starting signal callers. Philly has won 6-of-7 in the series.


Remember, this game is being played in London,
, though Miami
is considered the “home team”. Miami
is the only team in the NFL to give up more than 200 points and they’ve given
up 231, far and away worst in the NFL.

New York has
won five straight, the last four by double digits. Things got worse for Miami
as last week they lost leading rusher Ronnie Brown and starting safety Renaldo
Hill for the year. Brown led the league in yards from scrimmage.

Huge breaking gambling news on this contest is that Stevie
Vincent, Senior Handicapper of OffshoreInsiders.com
has an utterly rare Blue Ribbon play, the first since Sept. 18. He
is a stunning 62-16 all-time with such plays and has a Blue Ribbon play on the
side. Click
now to purchase


Pittsburgh has
won six straight and 14-of-17 in Cincinnati.
The Steelers are best in the NFL in points allowed at 13.0 points per game and
yards per game at 250.3.

Radio Touts Revive Myth of Bailout Game

Joe Duffy (OffshoreInsiders.com)

Often spending 15 hours per day in front of this computer,
I do listen to a lot of sports radio stations around the country via the magic
of streaming audio. Every Monday, Friday and Saturday, I am entertained by
so-called handicappers, “Vegas legends” and other mercenaries. The various
pitchmen purchase infomercial segments peddling their weekly “opportunity of a

Bobby Ventura is the most pathetic. I heard a commercial from a guy in radio
voice saying he was Bobby Ventura and they were 6-1 on Monday Night Football.
Then another guy in a boiler room Long Island accent comes on, says he’s Bobby
Ventura and it’s only his second Monday Night Football release of the year.

A handful of the touts do supply worthwhile information,
but most of the shows, to quote politico William Gibbs, consists of an “an army
of pompous phrases moving across the landscape in search of an idea.” It’s a
weekly echo chamber of how many ways the huckster tries to sway listeners into
believers. “You have to know which teams are coming to play and which are not”
generally followed by a strange segue comparing football teams to horses, race
cars or other generic talking points.

However, the one recurring specific assertion makes me
cringe because the boiler room tout is exploiting a myth with the intent of separating
fools from their money.

It’s the fairy-tale where the canned script claims that
with about 60 or so college and pro football games they find “one game” in
which “information so strong” comes in.” Of course “when an opportunity this
strong (“strong” seems to be a favorite word of the scamdicappers)
lands on your lap, you have to simply unload on this game.” As luck would have
it, that week’s treasure chest just so happens to fall on the same day the paid
announcement is scheduled to broadcast.

The “unload on this one game” fool’s gold could not be
further detached from reality. Like we said in reference to the Tim Donaghy
scandal, sharp players look to get information (not necessarily the vague
claims of “inside” information) that will give them an edge over a span of
hundreds of bets.

This is the No. 1 reason the NCAA should be concerned
about Texas A&M coach Dennis Francione’s
secret newsletter. “Getting accurate injury information before the oddsmakers
acquire it would increase any decent sports bettor’s winning percentage by 6-8
percentage points” says Mike Godsey, Senior Handicapper of GodsTips.com. He admits that estimate errs
on the conservative side.

Stevie Vincent of BetOnSports360.com
agrees if “every coach published a secret newsletter, professional gamblers
would annihilate the sportsbooks.”

But contrary to what the boiler room touts want you to
believe, Vincent and Godsey are not referring to “betting the mortgage” on any
single game or a small number of games, but hitting 60-plus percent of hundreds
of bets per year.

Between having been the GM of the Freescoreboard
scorephone network and now CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com,
I’ve gotten dozens of inquiries from handicappers who wanted to be part of said
networks. I always demand at least a week’s worth of writing samples before
they are even given consideration.

Frankly this caveat weeds out about 95 percent of
applicants. If the aspiring candidate does not supply analysis that convinces
me that the handicapper has insight that few bettors possess, he has zero
chance of ever being on a site in which I am the decider.

My credo is that all established professional handicappers
are proud to show off the amount of research that goes into a bet. If a handicapper gives you no rationale, rest
assured you just paid for a coin flip.

Many claim to have “information” such as the previously referenced
newest wave of radio touts. Those who actually can supply the privy and precise
scoop will document their claims with specifics of what their knowledge actually
is. Otherwise it’s all propaganda.

Again, the golden rule is no matter how invaluable the lowdown
proves to be, any upper hand will pay off long-term. This is no “bail out
game”. Excluding pushes, even the
preeminent gamblers will lose four out of every 10 bets.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the professional
gambler and the degenerate is that the elite bettors measure success by the
month, year and decade. Losing 40 percent of their bets has to be the cost of
doing business. The deadbeat meanwhile falls
prey to any clown with a sales pitch and an 800 number.

Luckily for radio sales people and bookmakers, so many rainbow
chasers continue to choose the latter.

Joe Duffy is CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com
and lead handicapper of GodsTips on said site. His picks are always
backed by specific rationale as to why you too should bet his plays.

Sports Gambling Ticker, Aug. 30

Disposed NBA referee Tim Donaghy is being displaced off
the sports gambling headlines for the time being. Though it’s safe to say the
NBA betting scandal that may or may not involve
point shaving
is only temporarily on page two, it’s now the Toledo point
shaving allegations that are coming back to the forefront.

Former Toledo
and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers bubble QB Brad Gradkowski is under the
microscope. He has emphatically
any role or knowledge of the supposed point shaving.

This is coming on the heels of highly esteemed online
gambling casino and sportsbook Bodog Sportsbook losing their URL in a legal

The Day that Will Live in Infamy in online sports gambling
was of course when the DOJ went after sportsbook giant BetOnSports, essentially
shutting down their operations. Now online gambling pioneer the Shrink takes a look at
the new book, “The Rise and Fall of BetOnSports”.

Lost in the PETA circus of
Michael Vick pleading guilty to dog fighting charges is that Vick was likely
involved in bookmaker high stakes bets on the outcome. He will address the gambling
with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

All this overshadows that today is the beginning of the
college football betting
not to mention NFL
betting continues
as the preseason wraps up.

More good news is that fantasy football geeks
can now bet
their expertise
at Vegas sportsbooks. Of course offshore sportsbooks have
had fantasy football proposition bets
for years.

Big News and Notes For the CFB Sports Gambler

The premier sports handicapping experts of Covers-Experts.com
take a look at some early betting news and notes for the first week of college


It’s of course a huge revenge game for the Golden
Bears. Last year, the Volunteers crushed
Cal in the season opener 35-18. Cal
returns 16 starters, eight on one of the top offenses in the country.

UL Lafayette-South Carolina

South Carolina
free safety Emanuel Cook, an All-SEC selection last year as a freshman, is
suspended as is Gamecocks starting quarterback Blake Mitchell.

Washington State-Wisconsin

New Badgers quarterback Tyler Donovan has only two starts
under his belt. However, he does have
proven playmakers returning to help with his transition: tight ends Travis Beckum and Andy Crooks, tailback P.J.
Hill and wideouts Paul Hubbard and Luke Swan.

Utah-Oregon State

The Utes were to return 10 starters on offense. On the
other hand, offensive lineman Jason Boone was lost for the season. According to
Stevie Vincent, “All reports are that Utah is much more prepared for the season then they were last
year.” Vincent has replaced football handicapper Dr. Bob Stohl
as the lead betting source for large betting syndicates.

Kansas State-Auburn

Moneyline bettors will want to note that Auburn
is 11-1 in home night games this century, including four wins to nationally
ranked teams. They’ve won 12-of-14 and 20 of their last 23 SU at home. However, note that Auburn
must replace RB Kenny Irons and their all-time
leading receiver Courtney Taylor. Returning
players accounted for only 42.5 percent of their rushing yards last year and
55.6 percent of their receptions. Also four starters are gone from their
offensive line.

Eastern Michigan-Pittsburgh

EMU was 1-11 last year and has lost 35 straight games
straight up to BCS conference teams. Eastern
though has a more proven QB as their starter Andy Schmitt
started 7-of-12 games last year. Pittsburgh
has a virgin QB Bill Stull and a rebuilt linebacking


Master college football handicapper Joe Duffy of GodsTips
reports that new Miami coach Randy
Shannon plans on playing both true and redshirt freshman. “That backdoor could
be wide open” says Duffy of a potential pointspread cover for Marshall,
while the Hurricanes are breaking in the new talent.

Premium college football sports service plays are
available from the nation’s top ranked sports handicapping experts at OffshoreInsiders.com



Address for site: www.betonsports360.com

E-mail: SVincent@JoeDuffy.net

Website: Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

“Revolutionary New Sports Handicapping Site”

revolutionary new website that experts say will change the landscape of sports
betting is now live: Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360.com Stevie Vincent is the forefather of
“forensic handicapping” based on the principal of forensic economics.

Already considered the leading authority on probability
and statistics as it applies to sports gaming, Vincent took it a step
further. Captivated by a research paper
authored by a University of Pennsylvania professor who used forensic economics
to argue a significant percentage of college basketball games were fixed,
Vincent used data mining software and a web crawler unearthing consistent
patterns of when teams were likely to cover or fail to cover the spread.

However, Vincent does not believe the anomalies are
evidence of underworld influence, but proof that not only are there distinct
patters of when a team will peak and bottom out, but forensic handicapping
exploits when oddsmakers overuse recent data resulting in “overlays” or “underlays” (bad lines) by the oddsmakers. He also believes
some off lines are intentional in anticipation of predictably inaccurate public

Vincent’s research answers one of handicapping’s great
mysteries: how to weigh long term versus short term data. “It depends, but it
is now ascertainable how and when to evaluate the fluid variables” asserts

In short, forensic handicapping evaluates data and detects
the confluence of team, oddsmaker and public
tendencies producing an end product being the most scientifically valid sports
selections ever.

Vincent is former Executive Editor of the popular
scorephone “Tailgate Parties” and has been a consultant to several top

BetOnSports360.com takes sports betting into a new age with
“forensic handicapping” using ground-breaking techniques employed successfully
in other fields.