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Sports Gambling Ticker, Aug. 30

Disposed NBA referee Tim Donaghy is being displaced off
the sports gambling headlines for the time being. Though it’s safe to say the
NBA betting scandal that may or may not involve
point shaving
is only temporarily on page two, it’s now the Toledo point
shaving allegations that are coming back to the forefront.

Former Toledo
and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers bubble QB Brad Gradkowski is under the
microscope. He has emphatically
any role or knowledge of the supposed point shaving.

This is coming on the heels of highly esteemed online
gambling casino and sportsbook Bodog Sportsbook losing their URL in a legal

The Day that Will Live in Infamy in online sports gambling
was of course when the DOJ went after sportsbook giant BetOnSports, essentially
shutting down their operations. Now online gambling pioneer the Shrink takes a look at
the new book, “The Rise and Fall of BetOnSports”.

Lost in the PETA circus of
Michael Vick pleading guilty to dog fighting charges is that Vick was likely
involved in bookmaker high stakes bets on the outcome. He will address the gambling
with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

All this overshadows that today is the beginning of the
college football betting
not to mention NFL
betting continues
as the preseason wraps up.

More good news is that fantasy football geeks
can now bet
their expertise
at Vegas sportsbooks. Of course offshore sportsbooks have
had fantasy football proposition bets
for years.

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Washington under 15-7 with Ortiz

Milwaukee over 15-8 with Bush

Colorado under 15-6 with Francis

San Francisco 5-1 team record with Hennessey

White Sox Garland 12-4 personal, 15-7 team

Arizona Vargas 4-0 team record lifetime  to Colorado

NY Yankees Johnson lifetime 17-8 team record to LAA

Zito 9-2 lifetime
personal record to Seattle


Personal record is a pitcher’s record in his decisions
including relief appearances.  Team
record is how the team did in his starts whether or not he was involved in the