Odds to Win Super Bowl 59 From Top Rated Sportsbook

The odds to win the 2025 Super Bowl have been posted at Bovada Not surprisingly, the defending Super Bowl Champion and burgeoning dynasty, the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites at +450, with the defending NFC Champs San Francisco next at +750. Fresh off a historic rookie season, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud has the Houston Texans following closely behind at +850. At Joe Duffy’s Picks, we have Houston check marked as an overvalued team. Very few QBs not named Brady or Mahomes are able to follow up dream seasons successfully and fading Houston early in the season is likely going to be profitable. Of course, in making my premium picks at OffshoreInsiders.com many other factors will be taken into consideration at the time, but no doubt it will be difficult to get value on the Texans.

Speaking of the difficulty in repeating a dream season, last year’s shining example the Philadelphia Eagles offer great value at 12-1. With the nucleus of a team that lost by three-points in Super Bowl 57, they are grossly undervalued after last year’s skid in the postseason and playoff thrashing. Last off-season’s darling Detroit is +1300. Another once-chic Super Bowl pick Buffalo is a relative longshot at +1800. In stating the blatantly obvious, if signal caller Josh Allen ever improves his decision-making skills, the Bills will finally justify being among the Super Bowl favorites of years past. 

Super Bowl 59 Odds to Win

Kansas City Chiefs +450

San Francisco 49ers +750

Houston Texans +850

Baltimore Ravens +1200

Cincinnati Bengals +1200

Philadelphia Eagles +1200

Detroit Lions +1300

Dallas Cowboys +1500

Buffalo Bills +1800

Green Bay Packers +1800

Atlanta Falcons +2000

Los Angeles Rams +2500

New York Jets +2500

Miami Dolphins +3000

Pittsburgh Steelers +3300

Cleveland Browns +3500

Los Angeles Chargers +3500

Chicago Bears +4000

Jacksonville Jaguars +4500

Minnesota Vikings +5500

Indianapolis Colts +6000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6500

Seattle Seahawks +7000

Las Vegas Raiders +8000

Arizona Cardinals +8500

Denver Broncos +10000

New Orleans Saints +10000

New York Giants +12500

Washington Commanders +12500

New England Patriots +17500

Tennessee Titans +20000

Carolina Panthers +25000

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