Friday Free Bet For Mother’s Day Weekend

And the beat goes on. Astros win as AL Early Evening Game of the Year as only Wise Guy as we are 13-6 overall together! Eastern Conference Playoff Twosome of the Year leads a 4-0 NBA sweep, plus prop bet. We do not bet parlays, but this named play is the Knicks-Pacers side and total and the equivalent of a Parlay of the Year. We are betting side and total individually. Four MLB winners from that recently acquired super system that has made us some nice change together already and five MLB prop bets from Deep Pockets all at

Free premium pick:

ST. LOUIS +120 Milwaukee

Normal homefield advantage is in the -120 range without juice and +114.5 for the dog taking juice into account. But the Cards are seven games below .500 and Milwaukee is seven games above, yet the line implies they are very close to being dead even. 

When the records imply the road team should be a much bigger underdog, listen to the message the oddsmakers are telling us and go with the underachieving away squad is +112.96 and 10.7 ROI. 

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