Top NFL Teams to Bet On and Against in 2023 Based on Sweat Barometer

Who are the best teams to bet on and against this season? has the answer. Top NFL teams this season based on margin of cover:

Team      ATS Record                                          ATS margin
San Francisco2-19.7
Green Bay3-09.3
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 Margin of cover is a long-time tool of original cappers used to measure the reliability of the often deceptive ATS and OU records. It is much like margin of victory, except it measures margin relative to the point spread or OU. With over-under, “overs” are listed first. Some Johnny-Come-Lately handicappers call this the sweat barometer.

Best teams to bet against based on margin of cover:

Team      ATS Record                                           ATS margin
NY Giants0-3-15.5
Chicago 0-3-15
Cincinnati 0-2-1-9
Jacksonville 1-2-8.7
NFL sweat barometer

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