Damian Lillard Trade Makes Seismic Shift in NBA Title Odds

On Wednesday, September 27, the clock finally struck Dame Time.

Damian Lillard is headed to the Milwaukee Bucks, creating a “Big 2” with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the new NBA Championship favorite. 

SportsBetting updated its 2023-24 title odds as soon as the trade news broke, and the Bucks went from having the third-best chances to the favorites. 

Here’s a breakdown of the NBA Finals odds changes for all of the teams involved in the Damian Lillard blockbuster:

Bucks: +700 to +370

Suns: +800 to +600

Trail Blazers: +1000 to +2000

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2023-24 NBA Championship

Milwaukee Bucks                      +370

Denver Nuggets                        +500

Boston Celtics                           +525

Phoenix Suns                            +600

Los Angeles Lakers                    +1000

Golden State Warriors               +1200

Miami Heat                               +1600

Los Angeles Clippers                  +2000

Cleveland Cavaliers                   +2500

Dallas Mavericks                       +2500

Memphis Grizzlies                     +2500

Philadelphia 76ers                     +2500

Sacramento Kings                     +4000

New Orleans Pelicans                +5000

New York Knicks                        +5000

Oklahoma City Thunder             +6000

Minnesota Timberwolves          +7000

Atlanta Hawks                           +7500

San Antonio Spurs                     +8000

Brooklyn Nets                           +10000

Toronto Raptors                        +10000

Chicago Bulls                            +12500

Houston Rockets                       +12500

Indiana Pacers                          +15000

Orlando Magic                          +15000

Utah Jazz                                  +15000

Portland Trail Blazers                +20000

Detroit Pistons                          +25000

Washington Wizards                 +25000

Charlotte Hornets                     +30000 

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