Jive Turkey! Thanksgiving Day NFL Betting Props

Below you will find a cornucopia of Thanksgiving Day props for the trio of NFL games, courtesy of at Betonline, the home of the opening line .

Also, speaking of being thankful…have you ever wondered which NFL fanbase complains the most about officiating?

Well, a semi-scientific Twitter study was recently conducted to find out which team’s fans whine about the refs the most, and the results are a bit surprising. 

BetOnline conducted the study using geo-tagged Twitter data via an API trends software. From Week 1 to Week 11, the sampling compiled and analyzed tweets, hashtags and keyword phrases tracking negative fan tweets about NFL officiating for each team. 

To find out who complains the most, the team looked at the total number of fan tweets (in general) and then determined what percentage of those tweets were complaints about refs.

For example, we looked at all tweets with the fan hashtag #ChiefsKingdom, that also included phrases like, “bad call,” “horrible call,” “bad officiating,” “horrible officiating,” “missed call,” “horrible refs,” “refs beat us,” “refs screwed us,” etc. Then repeated this for all the other teams and their hashtags. 

More than 400,000 tweets were tracked. Here is an informap to accompany the findings

As you can see from the graphic, the Chiefs, Bears and Cowboys fans have the most gripes, while Colts fans complain the least.

The top 10 fan bases that complain most about NFL officiating are as follows: (percentage of total tweets that are ref complaints)

Chiefs – 12.78%

Bears – 11.88%

Cowboys – 10.55%

Dolphins – 10.20%

Titans – 9.09%

Commanders – 8.96%

Lions – 8.00%

Eagles – 5.93%

Vikings – 5.85%

Patriots – 5.34%

Thanksgiving Records Broken                

Most Receiving Yards – A.Johnson 188                +500

Most Passing Yards – T.Aikman 455                    +700

Most Sacks – C.Jordan 4                                     +1600

Most Receiving TDs – S.Sharpe 4                        +2000

Most Passing TDs – P.Manning 6                         +2500

Most Rushing Yards – OJ.Simpson 273                +3300

Thanksgiving Passing Yards Leader                    

J.Allen                          +250

K.Cousins                      +300

D.Prescott                    +400

J.Goff                           +425

M.Jones                        +625

D.Jones                         +1000

Thanksgiving Receiving Yards Leader                

J.Jefferson                    +200

S.Diggs                         +350

A.St.Brown                   +500

C.Lamb                         +600

G.Davis                         +1000

J.Meyers                       +1400

A.Thielen                      +2000

D.Slayton                      +2000

M.Gallup                      +2000

TJ Hockenson                +2500

Thanksgiving Rushing Yards Leader                   

S.Barkley                      +350

D.Cook                         +375

T.Pollard                       +500

R.Stevenson                  +650

D.Singletary                  +750

J.Williams                     +750

Josh Allen                     +1200

E.Elliott                         +1400

Daniel Jones                 +2000

Damien Harris               +2500

Will there be a special teams/defensive TD on Thanksgiving?                

Yes                   -200

No                    +150

Will any Thanksgiving game go to overtime?                 

No                    -900

Yes                   +500

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