Bills, Eagles Lose Has Some Effect on Divisional and Super Bowl Odds

The Eagles and the Bills lost this past week, but one is still the Super Bowl favorite. 

SportsBetting  updates its Super Bowl, conference, and division odds daily. Yesterday, the Eagles were +350 favorites for the NFL’s 52ndchampionship edition. Today, it’s back to the Bills, who outside of the last seven days had been the favorites since the day after Super Bowl LVI. 

The Chiefs, victors of three in a row with the MVP favorite putting on weekly quarterback clinics, remain stuck in the Super Bowl odds’ second spot.

What’s interesting when looking at the NFL division odds is that outside of the AFC East, all the favorites have better than -200 (or 1-2) odds, possibly making the second half of the season not as interesting as the first half. 

Buffalo is in third place in its division, yet still has -190 odds to take the AFC East. All division favorites have better than a 65% chance of becoming champs.

Here are the current odds and implied probabilities for each:

AFC East                       

Buffalo Bills                  -190   (65.5% chance Bills are division champs)

Miami Dolphins             +225

New York Jets               +1100

New England Patriots    +1600

AFC North                    

Baltimore Ravens          -500   (83.3% chance Ravens are division champs)

Cincinnati Bengals         +350

Cleveland Browns         +3300

Pittsburgh Steelers        +4000

AFC South                    

Tennessee Titans          -500   (83.3% chance Titans are division champs)

Jacksonville Jaguars       +600

Indianapolis Colts          +700

Houston Texans            +25000

AFC West                     

Kansas City Chiefs         -2000 (95.2% chance Chiefs are division champs)

Los Angeles Chargers    +700

Denver Broncos            +6600

Las Vegas Raiders          +10000

NFC East                       

Philadelphia Eagles       -350   (77.8% chance Eagles are division champs)

Dallas Cowboys             +450

New York Giants           +700

Commanders                +6600

NFC North                    

Minnesota Vikings         -5000 (98.0% chance Vikings are division champs)

Green Bay Packers        +1200

Detroit Lions                 +3300

Chicago Bears               +8000

NFC South                    

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  -400    (80.0% chance Bucs are division champs)

Atlanta Falcons             +500

New Orleans Saints       +900

Carolina Panthers          +2500

NFC West                     

San Francisco 49ers       -225    (69.2% chance 49ers are division champs)

Seattle Seahawks          +175

Arizona Cardinals          +4000

Los Angeles Rams          +4000

Super Bowl

Buffalo Bills                  +400

Kansas City Chiefs         +500

Philadelphia Eagles       +525

San Francisco 49ers       +750

Minnesota Vikings         +1100

Baltimore Ravens          +1200

Dallas Cowboys             +1400

Miami Dolphins             +1800

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +1800

Cincinnati Bengals         +3300

Los Angeles Chargers    +4000

Tennessee Titans          +4000

Seattle Seahawks          +5000

New England Patriots    +6600

New York Giants           +6600

New York Jets               +6600

Green Bay Packers        +8000

Cleveland Browns         +10000

Los Angeles Rams          +10000

Commanders                +12500

Arizona Cardinals          +15000

Atlanta Falcons             +20000

Denver Broncos            +20000

Jacksonville Jaguars       +20000

New Orleans Saints       +20000

Indianapolis Colts          +25000

Las Vegas Raiders          +25000

Detroit Lions                 +40000

Carolina Panthers          +50000

Pittsburgh Steelers        +50000

Chicago Bears               +100000

Houston Texans            +200000

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