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VIP Club Calling You? Hang Up and Lock in With Near Diety Stevie Vincent

Block all the numbers the VIP Club keeps calling you from and use a pro handicapper instead.

Stevie Vincent is just better than any handicapper not on OffshoreInsiders.com  Yes, 100 percent of them. You get forensic sports handicapping like this every day. One-day sale! A weekly pick pack gets extended to 11 days TODAY ONLY.

Stevie Vincent Premium plays. All basketball and football picks are against the spread. Of course that is unless we specify totals. The pick is in BOLD over their opponent. Example: NEW YORK over Chicago means the pick is on New York against the spread.

A Perfect Play means an angle that is a 100 percent angle with a minimum of 12 games. However, not all 12-0 or better stats automatically qualify as a Perfect Play depending on counter information and the time period the perfect stat applies. The Great One Stevie Vincent top play is Level 5. 



>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on Jacksonville/Tennessee UNDER

Forensic handicapping information on this game: Jacksonville under 9-0 with 6 or less days rest, under 10-1 underdogs 

>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on GREEN BAY over Chicago

Forensic handicapping information on this game: Green Bay 16-3 after allowing 99 or less rushing yards in 4 straight games 

>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on Detroit/Denver OVER 

Forensic handicapping information on this game: Detroit over 13-1 road to AFC West 

>>>LEVEL 4 PLAY is on DALLAS over Washington

Forensic handicapping information on this game: Dallas 7-0 to conference 


>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on FAIRFIELD over William & Mary

Away Favorite Game of the Quarter Century 

Forensic handicapping information on this game: William & Mary 0-10 this season

>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on MONMOUTH over Pittsburgh

Forensic handicapping information on this game: Monmouth 9-0 this season

Media Members Who Claim Patriots are the Favorites Can Put Money Where Big Mouth Is

Many scribes and talking heads in the media have crowned Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots as the favorites to win Super Bowl 56. They can get value if they put their money where their big mouths are as New England is No. 6 favorite to win it all at 10-1 according to Bovada

Super Bowl 56 Winner 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550 

Kansas City Chiefs +700 

Arizona Cardinals +750 

Green Bay Packers +750 

Buffalo Bills +800 

New England Patriots +1000 

Baltimore Ravens +1200 

Dallas Cowboys +1200 

Los Angeles Rams +1200 

Tennessee Titans +2200 

Cincinnati Bengals +3000 

San Francisco 49ers +3000 

Los Angeles Chargers +3500 

Indianapolis Colts +4000 

Cleveland Browns +6000 

Minnesota Vikings +7500 

Denver Broncos +8000 

Las Vegas Raiders +8000 

Philadelphia Eagles +8000 

New Orleans Saints +15000 

Pittsburgh Steelers +15000 

Washington Football Team +20000 

Seattle Seahawks +25000 

Carolina Panthers +35000 

Miami Dolphins +40000 

Atlanta Falcons +50000 

New York Giants +50000 

Chicago Bears +75000 

Detroit Lions +500000 

Houston Texans +500000 

Jacksonville Jaguars +500000 

New York Jets +500000 

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