Best College Football Teams to Bet on, Against, Over and Under Gambling Standings

Ace gamblers are crushing it this season, all thanks to Joe Duffy’s Picks, boasting a whopping 127-94 score in football and 62-35 in NFL at A big chunk of their success hinges on top-notch intel, including the legendary ATS standings, aka the sweat barometer.

Best teams to bet on this season, ranked by margin of cover. 

Team      ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Arizona 6-110.9
Duke 4-29.9
Penn State6-09.4

Worst teams ATS this season or the best teams to bet against ranked by margin of cover.

Team      ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Temple 1-6-11.7
Southern Miss1-5-9.8
Minnesota 1-5-8.8

Note this, sports fans: No team is walking away empty-handed ATS this season. But, let’s face it, Vanderbilt at 1-7 and Illinois at 1-6 are definitely not living their best lives.

Best over teams in college football this season ranked by OU margin.

Team      OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
Utah State 6-116.9
New Mexico5-112.8

Other teams that have gone over every game including Boston College at 5-0-1, Vanderbilt 8-0, but each by single digit margins.

Biggest under teams.

Team      OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
Ohio State1-5-12.1

No team has gone under every game.

Veteran cappers have a secret weapon up their sleeve: the margin of cover. It’s a sneaky little tool used to measure the trustworthiness of those ATS and OU records that can be oh-so-tricky. Think of it as margin of victory, but with a twist- it’s measured against the point spread or OU. And speaking of OU, they list the “overs” first (just in case you’re scratching your head over that one). Some novices call this the sweat barometer. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

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