AI-Powered Sports Handicapper Offers Week 6 NFL Free Pick

Joe Duffy’s Picks: The AI-Powered Solution for Sports Bettors

For sports bettors who want a trustworthy source of information, Joe Duffy’s Picks is the place to go. With an outstanding track record of 106-81 this football season, it’s a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. Regardless if you are an NFL or college football fan, Joe Duffy’s Picks offers high-quality betting insights fueled by AI. Check out on Sunday, where you can get four NFL Wise Guys and six NFL Majors.


Minnesota-Chicago UNDER 44 100 at Bovada

Total based on recent offensive performance relative to the posted total goes under 224-127-8. When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The under version goes under at a rate of 1617-1268-64.

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