Week 2 College Football Betting Lock

There will likely be more picks added but at press time, Joe Duffy’s Picks continues to humiliate the bookies. Oh all I am is 27-12 this football season. Saturday, Non-Conference Game of the Year among 5 Wise Guys, 2 Majors. First 4 NFL for Sunday led by Wise Guy all at OffshoreInsiders.com. Wise Guy plays from Joe Duffy are the single strongest bet in gambling. 


SAM HOUSTON STATE +14.5 at MYBookie to Air Force 

This is one of those picks that could possibly be elevated to premium play, but not just yet. Only 37.5 points is expected to be scored in this game, making the 14.5 loom that much larger. I have an angle that says to go with a large underdog in a game anticipated to be low-scoring is 238-188-13.

Also, after an audit, we told you I am weighing some of my outsources a little heavier. When my “organic” trusted sources agree with my computer systems, the winning is insane and one of the few sharps who wins consistently in college football has my back here. 

It’s not a premium play at least yet because the quoted system isn’t as good as other ones using different parameters, but the same philosophy. This is in part due to the fact the better versions of this angle have held up even better in recent years. Also, the fact it is an early public bet has kept it from the premium threshold. But stay tuned depending on further corroboration. 

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