NFL Week 1 Winning Bet

It is week 1 of NFL and the bets are up. Joe Duffy and the pro bettors nailed Detroit Thursday as Duffy improves to 18-9 since preseason. We are up to seven NFL for Sunday led by Wise Guy.2 Sunday NFL player props added at

Week 1 NFL Free Pick

HOUSTON +9.5 Baltimore 

Week 1 teams that missed playoff previous season versus opponent that made the playoffs is 85-56-2. Squares hate 9.5 but under this system is is 6-0 and at 9 or 9.5 it is 9-1. There is a bizarre fear of 9.5 because of 10 being a key number and people think it’s one of the worst numbers in sports, but covers in all situations at 54.5 percent all-time as opposed to 10 at just 50.5. 

This is one of those that could easily become a premium bet as of my few sharps has Houston with nobody on Baltimore. 

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