Restructuring of; More Free Content

  • Both Joe Duffy and LateInfo remain the same. Zero changes
  • Stevie Vincent will return to his roots and go from premium handicapper to free content
  • MasterLockLine will be dissolved after more than 40 years, though Biggest Play, Hottest Handicapper feature will be integrated into Joe Duffy’s Picks as “outsourced picks” a bit more
  • All MasterLockLine, Vincent, and Bet it Trinity have been or will get prorated refunds
  • Vincent and MasterLockLine final day is Sunday, August 20

Adjusting to rapid changes in the industry that have taken place since the Supreme Court lifted the draconian ban on gambling, has announced restructuring limited to Stevie Vincent and the MasterLockLine. There are zero changes to Joe Duffy’s Picks and LateInfo.

Stevie Vincent Will Return as Free Content with Some Ala Carte Football Premium Picks

Before becoming a premium handicapper, Stevie Vincent was Executive Editor of the famed scorephone Tailgate Party. He will return to the that with more free content on and @OffshoreInsider on all socials. However, he will likely have some ala carte picks at a low price. While our long-time clients are welcome too, we also desire for potential new clients to see how user friendly the system is. Our research indicates selling a pick at a low price will encourage that. These will be limited to select Perfect Plays and Named Plays from Stevie Vincent. Almost all Vincent content will be free just like the old days. 

Vincent and Trinity active clients will get prorated refunds. 

MasterlockLine Will Be Eliminated Though Top Picks Integrated Even More into Duffy Outsourced Picks

All MasterLockLine and Trinity active clients will get a prorated refund. Especially in football and basketball, the strongest bets on the MasterLockLine were often from the same sources as Duffy’s outscourced picks, which have increased in winning and frequency. Knowing there would overlapping was figured into this long-thought out decision and a final tipping point. Our audits of what is winning and working from a handicapping standpoint have Joe Duffy eyeing increasing MLB outsources picks, which will be some of the same the MasterLockLine has been crushing with this MLB season. 

You Deserve an Explanation; What Factored into this Decision? 

There were many factors involved in the restructuring, but they pretty much all fit under the umbrella of rolling with the industry chances. Since the historic aforementioned SCOTUS decision, every three and four-letter network and major newspaper has become our competition. Much like mom-and-pop hardware stores when Home Depot hit their town, it’s tough to compete against Fortune 500 companies. 

While remains strong financially, we will likely never match the revenue in the days before going up against high-profile networks, regardless of the fact only a few talking heads know crap about handicapping. Fortunately, the product has enabled us to maintain many loyal clients, but it’s the new regulars that has been substantially tougher to acquire. 

Thus, the plan is a lot more free content to attract new eyes to our anchor services Duffy and LateInfo. There were other personal issues contributing to this conclusion. My youngest child is going away to college. Thus, my wife and I will soon do a lot more traveling. As our nest is emptying, this is the ideal time to streamline business “distractions” with said consolidation. I’m obsessed with handicapping and will be picking winners until I die. So, unless the guy upstairs has other plans for me, the actuary says I should have a good quarter century of winning picks left in me. 

Thank you for the understanding. I believe I’ve laid it out an easy-to-understand explanation, but feel free to ask questions via the contactus form if there are lingering issues I did not address. I hope future and current clients will enjoy the increased free content. 

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