Free Winning Pick From #1 Handicapper of 2023

For the fourth time in five games, I nail the NBA Finals side and total. The season is winding down and thanks for being with us for the winning. Stay on board this MLB summer. MLB computer sim bet continues dream season in computer plays, plus MLB total. All at

Free pick is from Joe Duffy on the runline 

BOSTON (PAXTON -1.5 -125) Colorado (Seabold)

Massive favorites on runline is +108.24 for 5.3 ROI. A viral system says to go with non-divisional away favorites. We’ve excluded Saturdays as it is the best day for home teams. Since 2018 away interdivisional favorites are +138.26. It wins on both money and runlines. Paxton has a .250 OBP against at home. 

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