Free MLB Pick Massive Free Bet

Inspired by Billy Walters and the Vegas Computer Boys, Joe Duffy has been for decades the top data scientist in sports handicapping. Spectacular anti-splits angle that wins in every sport, some great computer sim bets part of 5-0 sweep led by a Wise Guy.  Winners at

Free winner from Joe Duffy is:

ATLANTA (SMITH-SHAWVER -146) Cincinnati (Weaver)

Away favorites to teams with at least an eight-game winning streak are 30-12 for +15.60 units and a 29.3 ROI. It also crushes on the runline. The ROI is even better at -130 or more. Luke Weaver has been atrocious for the Reds with a 10.12 ERA last three starts and 2.174 WHIP. A viral system says to go with non-divisional away favorites. We’ve excluded Saturdays as it is the best day for home teams. Since 2018 away interdivisional favorites are up 143.54 units. 

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