Free NBA Pick For Tuesday

Joe Duffy has a free pick for Tuesday. He has a nice premium late night portfolio too!

Entire card 10 ET or later. By strange fluke, all 3 winners are west coast late name games. 2 college basketball sides are up from Mr. March. NBA side using a metric that is having one of its best seasons ever.  

This is the annual Million Dollar March where the coffee is brewed and the 16-hour days mean massive winnings from America‚Äôs only Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy at



Fortunately, home underdogs are cooling off an many of our top systems that have to do with angry away favorites are back to winning. Wizards are on a two-game losing streak but big road favorites in losing streak are 320-203-13. 

Fade big home dogs if not off a low scoring game and with a substantial amount of rest and neither team has an extreme winning percentage 728-522-31. 

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