The Greatest Ever Does it Again; Duffy 6-1 Last Night

I went 6-1 last night to improve to 46-28 in basketball. Oh and I’m 20-11 in football entering Super Bowl. Here is what you got last night…or if you didn’t, it’s your fault! You get intel like this every night. Oh, yeah, by the way, I’m 14-1 in the NBA!

Wise Guy plays are your maximum play. Majors are .75 of Wise Guy plays. Game of the Year and Game of the Month plays still involve the same straight betting as above. While we believe all gamblers need only bet our plays we realize some pick and choose selections. Said distinction is for such ala carte players. All units won quoted on systems are based on one unit per bet. 


Wise Guy

DREXEL +7.5 College Charleston

Bubble burst angle that has to do with fading teams off devastating losses is 108-68-2. Dragons cover an impressive 72 percent of simulations on our top computer model. 


SOUTH DAKOTA +1 North Dakota State

Teams bounce back off spread blowouts is 257-178-5. 

TEXAS SAN ANTONIO +12 Western Kentucky 

Big dogs in revenge of a blowout loss and slumping are 237-173-11 including 54-22-2 for 71.1 percent last two years. Horrible road teams on road are 222-170-7. 

CALIFORNIA +15.5 Colorado 

Big dog in slump over the last several games regress towards the mean and are undervalued to the tune of 341-250-6. Horrible road teams on road are 222-170-7.


Wise Guy

New York-Miami UNDER 216

When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records. One could combine them for an overall record.  The turbo under version goes under at a rate of 1019-688-68. Total relative to recent numbers goes under 681-436-23. This is a basic theory that crosses over all sports and makes you and me a fortune in totals betting and each sports involves samples sizes of several thousand games. Combo of full-season and recency angles goes under 191-95-11. Another larger angle that is a combo of full-season and recency angles goes under 800-509-38. Our official outlaw line is 212.5. The outlaw line is what the line would be without square moves. 

DENVER -12 Golden State

Fade unrested teams off an overtime game is 263-186-7. Even higher winning percentage since 2004. Both of our contrarian indexes, one worldwide sportsbooks, the other has to do with super-square outlaw money, has this as a very strong corroborated contrarian bet worldwide. In particular, public dogs generally die. Our top-rated simulator program has them covering 58 percent of the time.


Memphis-Cleveland UNDER 223.5

Combo of full-season and recency angles goes under 800-509-38.

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