Automation Fixed; Massive Sale to Celebrate, Thank You, and Test Drive

First, thank you to our loyal clients for your patience. Automation, once with a 99.5 percent success rate, had (notice past tense) been wonky for the past couple of months. After consulting with PayPal’s technical department and our programmers, we realized that it as a result of deprecated code from an outdated program written nearly 20 years ago. We basically threw it in the dumpster and built one from scratch. 

All testing proved successful and every sale we made since we went live Wednesday at about 11 AM ET has worked like a charm as of this writing. Both as a thank you for bearing with us and to further test drive our expensive new program, ALL SALES UP TO ONE WEEK, WILL BE DOUBLED on Thursday, February 2, 2023. 

Do not worry about the expiration dates listed at the time of purchase. We will be quadruple checking all purchases to confirm automation is working perfectly and update manually. We were pleased to see the new program is much more user friendly  for you the client too. 

With about half the states legalizing sports betting, we have more competition than ever. Most is from three and four-letter networks and other multi-million-dollar companies. remains basically a mom-and-pop shop, with the product substantially better than the big boys and bottomless marketing budgets. Thank you for choosing a winning company that traces its proud roots back to the scorephone days of the 1980s. 

And again, after a major investment, we are confident those headaches with too many automation failures are a distant memory. You will be able to access all bets almost immediately upon purchase. Oh, and for those who have not yet experienced the best sports picks in the industry, what an opportunity to commence the rest of your gambling life. 

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