Super Systems For Bettors, Angles That Apply tonight, Plus MLB Betting Standings

Monday news and notes for pro bettors. 

Top expert pick Juicy Lucies are either moneyline dogs or runline favorites in which we get at last 140. Three Juicy Lucy W’s are part of a 13-7 explosion, which includes 2-0 NFLX sweep. Two MLB winners. Get the picks now 

A viral system says to go with non-divisional away favorites. We’ve excluded Saturdays as it is the best day for home teams. Since 2018 away interdivisional favorites are +115.46 5.3 ROI money, +111.09 units, 6.9 ROI runline. Today favors Yankees. 

🔥Houston under 11-0 this year off consecutive games with no HRs

🔥Martin Perez 10-0 road this year +12.4 units

🔥Yusie Kikuchi 1-10 -13.6 units off team win

🔥O’s 40-31 +27.2 units this season versus a team with bullpen WHIP of 1.250 or less

🔥Angles 10-31 -24.2 units this year versus starting pitcher allowing 1.75 or fewer walks

🔥Julio Urias under 11-1 off team win this year 

These have been the best MLB teams this season in terms of money won:

Team       Money won or lost
NY Mets1633
LA Dodgers890
Seattle 774

Worst teams in MLB this season in terms of money lost:

Team       Money won or lost
LA Angels-2283
Miami -1360
Cubs -1356
San Francisco -1306

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