Padres World Series Odds More Than Cut in Half With Blockbuster Trades

Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Josh Hader will be in sunny San Diego soon, and those three were enough to move the Padres into the fifth spot on the World Series odds board. 

SportsBetting  updated its MLB title odds following the trade. The Padres had +2000 odds (20-1) prior to the trade but are now listed at +850, just behind the Mets.

Padres’ World Series odds before Soto/Bell/Hader: +2000 

Padres’ World Series odds after Soto/Bell/Hader: +850

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2022 World Series

New York Yankees                  +340

Los Angeles Dodgers               +350

Houston Astros                       +500

New York Mets                       +700

San Diego Padres                    +850

Atlanta Braves                        +1200

Toronto Blue Jays                   +1600

Milwaukee Brewers                +2800

Seattle Mariners                     +2800

Chicago White Sox                  +4500

St. Louis Cardinals                   +4500

Philadelphia Phillies                +5000

Tampa Bay Rays                      +5000

Minnesota Twins                    +5500

Baltimore Orioles                    +7500

Cleveland Guardians               +7500

San Francisco Giants               +7500

Boston Red Sox                       +10000

Miami Marlins                        +75000

Texas Rangers                         +75000

Los Angeles Angels                 +100000

Arizona Diamondbacks           +150000

Colorado Rockies                    +150000

Kansas City Royals                  +150000

Chicago Cubs                          +200000

Cincinnati Reds                       +200000

Detroit Tigers                          +200000

Pittsburgh Pirates                   +200000

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