Guess Who is Skyrocketing in Super Bowl Odds?

Did everyone forget that Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL coach of all time?

If so, the latest Super Bowl LVI odds provide a reminder that the “Hooded One” is still roaming the sidelines at Foxboro.

SportsBetting  released updated title numbers Monday morning. New England has the ninth-best odds on the board (12-1) and the fourth-best odds in the AFC.

The Pats had 35-1 odds after a Week 1 loss to Miami. Their odds climbed to as high as 80-1 on October 18 following a loss to the Cowboys that left them with a 2-4 record.

Now, rolling on a four-game victory streak, Belichick and the boys are contenders once again. 

The Chiefs also saw a bump in their Super Bowl chances after Sunday night’s throttling of the Raiders. Kansas City’s championship odds were as high as 15-1 two weeks ago, but they have basically been cut in half.

Below you can find the updated Super Bowl and conference odds from SportsBetting.

Super Bowl LVI

Buffalo Bills 6-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-2
Los Angeles Rams 7-1
Kansas City Chiefs 7-1
Green Bay Packers 8-1
Tennessee Titans 9-1
Arizona Cardinals 10-1
Dallas Cowboys 10-1
New England Patriots 12-1
Baltimore Ravens 18-1
Los Angeles Chargers 28-1
Cleveland Browns 45-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 50-1
Indianapolis Colts 60-1
Cincinnati Bengals 60-1
Las Vegas Raiders 66-1
New Orleans Saints 66-1
Denver Broncos 66-1
Minnesota Vikings 80-1
San Francisco 49ers 100-1
Seattle Seahawks 125-1
Philadelphia Eagles 125-1
Carolina Panthers 125-1
Atlanta Falcons 250-1
Washington Football Team 250-1
Miami Dolphins 400-1
New York Giants 350-1
Chicago Bears 750-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 4000-1
New York Jets 4000-1
Detroit Lions 5000-1
Houston Texans 5000-1


Buffalo Bills 3-1
Kansas City Chiefs 7-2
Tennessee Titans 9-2
New England Patriots 7-1
Baltimore Ravens 8-1
Los Angeles Chargers 14-1
Cleveland Browns 20-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 22-1
Indianapolis Colts 28-1
Cincinnati Bengals 28-1
Las Vegas Raiders 33-1
Denver Broncos 45-1
Miami Dolphins 200-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 1500-1
New York Jets 1500-1
Houston Texans 2500-1


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1
Los Angeles Rams 7-2
Green Bay Packers 4-1
Arizona Cardinals 9-2
Dallas Cowboys 9-2
New Orleans Saints 30-1
Minnesota Vikings 40-1
San Francisco 49ers 45-1
Seattle Seahawks 60-1
Philadelphia Eagles 60-1
Carolina Panthers 60-1
Atlanta Falcons 125-1
Washington Football Team 125-1
New York Giants 175-1
Chicago Bears 350-1
Detroit Lions 2500-1

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