NBA Lock Pick with Stunning gambling system, Computer Simulation

Entire card 7:05 ET or later.   The Grandmaster sweeps! NBA, 7-2 overall and going back further JDP is 7-1 NBA. Three Wise Guys among five MLB winners, plus two NBA Majors. Wise Guy plays from Joe Duffy are the single strongest bet in gambling. This includes the strongest system in gambling based on units won at +935 units, plus an NBA angle that is 1290-888-66 including a staggering 111-42-2 this season. Get the picks now

Free winner from Joe Duffy:

CHARLOTTE -3 Detroit

Play undervalued teams to overvalued team when using advanced analytics numbers such as points per game margin and comparing to SU record and spread is 442-227-13. Rest dynamics generally benefit the home team. When a team has more rest, about 66 percent of the time, it is the home team. However, when the road team is more rested, it nullifies the normal home court advantage and creates an off line to the tune of 416-320. 

Away favorites off loss under specific situations that apply in this game are 852-661-23. Action Network gives us a 3.5 percent ROI edge. Accuscore ran 10,000 individual simulations and says we cover 67.5 percent. 

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