Free Sports Picks: Lebron James Injury Status effects winning pick

Joe Duffy’s Picks is off a typical winning day of 5-2. Notice the big bonus on weekly pick pack. Winners included Cleveland +150 and Texas +125. I’m 5-1 lately in NBA, but it’s been steady as she goes winning, especially since the New Year hit and some sense of normalcy returned to have our systems be most effective. MLB Wise Guy, NBA Major and Wise Guy. Last day of big sale on weekly pass, three free days. Get the picks now 

Free NBA pick:

DENVER -4 LA Lakers

Play undervalued teams to overvalued team when using advanced analytics numbers such as points per game margin and comparing to SU record and spread is 441-226-13. Rest dynamics generally benefit the home team. When a team has more rest, about 66 percent of the time, it is the home team. However, when the road team is more rested, it nullifies the normal home court advantage and creates an off line to the tune of 416-319-10. 

While admittedly, such obvious edge was starting to level off, it’s climbed back to 31-17-1 this season. Dennis Shroder is out for Lakers. LeBron James highly questionable. 

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