Incredible Runline MLB Betting system Free Bet

There is no logical explanation but uncanny how every time a massive sale happens that service goes on a massive winning streak. It is happening again. MLL 22-3 baseball run, 9-2 NBA. Get $392 worth of picks (if purchased directly from the service) for just $16, plus see massive sale. Get the picks now 

MLB free pick from Joe Duffy is:

TAMPA (GLASNOW -1.5 +125) Oakland (Irvin)

Oakland is 15-9 including a very impressive 7-3 on the road. Tampa is 12-12 overall and a terrible 5-7 at home. So how the heck can Tampa be such a massive favorite? Inferior (based on winning percentage) big favorites are a great bet, even better on runline at +105.72 units for an 8.1 ROI. 

Going with big favorites that stranded a lot of baserunners last game are +439.78 units. It’s a way of exploiting deceptive box scores. Tyler Glasnow just a .198 OBP against compared to .323 for Irvin. 

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