NBA System that Weaponizes The Oddsmakers’ Knowledge Against Them

I will repeat, it is impossible to not be superstitious. After restart, I had a lifetime of bad beats. But once 2021 came along, everything is back to normal. Joe Duffy’s Picks is 32-13 NBA in the New Year. An influx of new systems and the addition of the two best computer simulation models in the word have raised the bar even higher.

Seven NBA led by two Wise Guys. Lawd, you have heard me scream “use the oddsmakers’ knowledge against them.” We have screaming examples on both Wise Guys and I explain precisely why. Get ready to be amazed. Get ready to sweep. Get the picks now 

Brooklyn-Memphis UNDER 219

Three times in the last five games, the Nets have had totals in the 240s. The lowest was 222.5. Yet this is at 219. Remember I preach use the oddsmakers knowledge against them? Or listen to what they are telling you. Yeah, we do have an angle that says when there is an unusually low total compared to recent ones, it goes under 178-85-6.  That’s 67.6 percent. Yes, Nets will be without Durant and Irving and there very often extenuating circumstances. But computer says the oddsmakers have not adjusted enough. 

Teams off win as an underdog under specific situations that apply in this game a big under bet at 216-125-12 as Brooklyn beat the Sixers. A computer simulator that takes into consideration starting line-ups, as it’s also used for fantasy sports and does a projected boxscore, updated with injuries, has it going under, though admittedly a slight lean. We bet at Bovada

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